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  2. Arthroverts

    Blue death-feigning beetles - max humidity?

    From my experience they like the high humidity, in fact, I have only found them once in the wild, and that was after it had just rained. I have not found them in any place where it is dry, and the larva appear to enjoy high humidity as well. Take that with a grain of salt however, for from what I have heard, they also require a mostly dry substrate (for the adults). I am not really sure, but as long as they have periods of dryness, I think they should be fine. Can some more experienced beetle keepers weigh in on this? Thanks, Arthroverts
  3. stanislas

    Dipteretrum hanstroemi pictures and video

    There is a roach with ooth in the video I posted above, around 1:00. They are not very tiny (compared to the adults that is).
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  5. aoikirin


    I don't understand that either:) but hey take it as a compliment that she wants to be closer to you. As to the sage and roaches I'm not sure at all. I use an electric air freshener in my room where I keep my roaches and they don't seem to have seen any I'll effects.
  6. BlattaAnglicana

    Blue death-feigning beetles - max humidity?

    OK - quick update, with a small heat pad on the bottom of part of the enclosure and a small PC fan to circulate air the humidity seems to be coming down to a steady 40-50%, so I hope this will be low enough for them. I've read they don't need misting and they are getting "wet" food (banana, carrot, apple etc.) but that dries out really quickly - within a day - in this sort of dry atmosphere, so should I be giving them water crystals or a small water dish as well in case they need to drink?
  7. emmett


    so i have fibromyalgia. my current girlfriend is very into paganism and things like that, she wants to burn sage in my house to make herself feel more connected to me. i dont really understand but thats a different topic. anyway, i have cats and dogs which im not too worried about but since im bedridden most days she wants to do it in the master bedroom too. my hissers and dubias are in my room and i was just wondering if it would kill them.
  8. All About Arthropods

    THE TRADE: A Year in the Making

    Blog post #100!!! A star-studded post on a long, drawn-out trade in honor of arriving at our destination after setting out on the long, drawn-out road to this number!
  9. Well, it looks like springtime. As it is harmless to people and animals, but they can cause problems in large numbers of plants. If you want to eliminate them, then you can use a household aerosol spray. But, most of the Nassau County exterminator says that treatments by yourself, however, are a short term solution. So, it is best that you can hire a pest professional who will apply treatments and application whenever it is necessary.
  10. VincentRosas


    Hello!! Welcome to this board!
  11. VincentRosas


    Hello Welcome to this board!
  12. Whoosha

    New roach colonies wanted

    How long have you had the lobsters bugboy as I’m wondering as I ordered 200 myself a few days ago
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  14. Any updates on this species were you ever able to get their ooths to hatch consistently?
  15. Bmaines96

    How often do you feed?

    I do all maintenance once a week, feed, water, give fruits and veggies, hasn't slowed down a single one of my colonies. Most food is gone in a day or two, as long as they have access to some sort of moisture they are fine and in the wild they are t gonna be eating a lot of protein or even a lot of fruit for that matter every single day.
  16. HI all, I just bought 4 blue death-feigning beetles (very rare to buy in the UK!) at an insect show last weekend, and was wondering what the maximum humidity is that these can tolerate. The UK is quite a damp country πŸ˜‰ and my home is also quite humid in general (I have to run a dehumidifier to get it to "normal" values and even that can struggle to get the humidity below 60%) and I am a bit concerned that this might be too high for the beetles, seeing as they are desert creatures. Does anyone have any experience of these, and if that sort of humidity is too high do you have any tips on getting it down? I already have a small heat pad under part of their cage (a small faunarium with dry sand, dry moss and some dry shreds of cardboard which look quite "natural") but is there anything else I can do to get the humidity down if I need to? FWIW I am feeding them goldfish pellets (which are apparently mostly insect protein), oat flakes, and small pieces of carrot, apple and pear for moisture, and I have seen them all eating since I got them last Saturday. I have read that they don't need any other water at all than that. Any other tips would be welcome!
  17. BlattaAnglicana

    How often do you feed?

    I have 3 large roach colonies (one spread across 3 boxes), which I feed dry food (mostly porridge oats, sometimes dry cat food) every couple of days, and fruit/veg once a week. I used to feed them fruit and veg more often but with the number of insects I now have (stick insects as well as roaches) and working full time as well, I simply don't have the time to feed them all as often as I used to! 😁 I am actively trying to reduce the numbers of my roaches (giving them away/selling them in bulk to dealers) and when the numbers are a bit more reasonable I hope I won't feel so bad about only feeding them fruit and veg once a week!
  18. All About Arthropods

    How often do you feed?

    I would ideally feed 2-3 times a week, but I have only been able to feed once a week lately.
  19. Longhorn1234

    How often do you feed?

    I only have 8 colonies and feed 3 times a week
  20. stanislas

    Ancaudellia hamifera

    Finally got these roaches as well. They are still quite small, so it will take time to see adults. @Manuel_P: Have your roaches reached adulthood? Babies already? The adults cut their own wings. Have you seen that in your's?
  21. Axolotl

    Hemiblabera tenebricosa care tips

    @Bmaines96 I've been meaning to thank you... The extra protein did the trick. I'm supplementing their fresh foods once a week with whole-ingredient dog treats that contain chicken and veggies. They love it, and they're growing quite fast now. Finally have some adults so I think the colony is off to a great start. ☺️☺️ Any experience feeding them dead roaches? Right now my B. giganteus and E. arcanum take care of any I find, but I'm always interested in adding more variety to my roaches' diets.
  22. Thank you! This is the info I was looking for. I adjusted their enclosure about a month ago. I've seen quicker growth since then... Still looking out for ooths. Do you have any photos of ooths next to the adults - or can you give me a size. Are they really tiny?
  23. VincentRosas


    Hello!! I am Vincent Rosas, from New York, United States.
  24. VincentRosas

    Hello all!

    Hello!! Welcome to this board!
  25. VincentRosas

    Hey everybody!

    Hello!! I am also new to this board!
  26. snellos

    How often do you feed?

    Just curious how often does everyone feed? I feed twice a week about 30 ish colonies.
  27. All About Arthropods

    Feelin Smug, Eh?

    Blog post #99. While you're waiting for the 100th post, take a gander at this. πŸ˜›
  28. Bmaines96

    Silver collembola?

    Small silvers are an incredibly common species of springtail found in the US and in my opinion one of the best, they don't breed like mad like tropical pinks and don't bother smaller roach species much while still breeding better than the large whites species and handling much drier conditions than both species
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