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  2. I'm very curious, what methods did you use for getting hatchling and which were you at least a small bit successful with? Kyle Kandilian and (likely) I are going to be trying to get captive-borns from B.magna and will be experimenting with giving the eggs a harder diapause to see if that encourages hatching. Any insight from your past experiences with their egg incubation would be much appreciated.
  3. Yep, I currently have a starter group of R.microptera "Yellow"; the others I'll definitely be getting in the future as well. If you put in the little bit of effort for incubating the eggs, that could be a dazzling setup for years and years!
  4. Any news on these? I'm having a very, very similar case with mine. I had an old female pass away after about 3 weeks of the slow turned over, curled legs behavior--also with white on the legs. She dropped her egg case about 5 days before she died. We tried adding a wet sponge and fruit, which she spent lots of time on, but it didn't get too much better. We added a young male two weeks ago to the terrarium, thinking she was simply just old, but now he's showing the same symptoms.
  5. Lubbers are relatively simple, there are some articles on keeping them in older invert-mags. However, Brachystola aren't easy to get hatchlings from.
  6. Have you personally kept any of the 4 species that you mentioned above? I'm considering setting up a display tank for a large lubber species in 2018...
  7. My biggest display tank is for Blaberus giganteus and I have seen some fantastic massive displays for this species at insect zoos.
  8. Haha cool, I don't know if it'll stick or not, but it's the name I'm using for the time being! (Until someone comes up with something better).
  9. All you gotta do is ask LOL! Cool, hopefully this species will become well established in the US hobby!
  10. Thanks, me too! IDK, I just made that up, rudis, rude...
  11. Very nice. I use that common name as well. that’s the common name I’m going to sell under whether anyone likes it or not
  12. What no fair you got pairs! I got 4 nymphs from him but I’m still very happy about it.
  13. Awesome man, glad you were able to acquire some of these breath-takers! But why are they rude?
  14. Got a sexed pair of nymphs and a pair of adults from @wizentrop, this may be one of the most unique roach species in my collection, hopefully they will breed for me! Nymph: Adult male: So happy to have this species in my collection, they are just so cool looking!!!
  15. Just received 6 nymphs in the mail today from @wizentrop, they are so neat looking, and bigger than I thought they would be! Let's hope they'll do well for me! Here are some pictures of a nymph: So cute right!?
  16. I made a trade with @CodeWilster for a group of these beauties, I received several nymphs and a few adults too, hopefully they'll breed well for me! Here are some pictures of an adult:
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  18. If I contact Kyle, He will go into hiding again. Every time I tried to contact him he would vanish for months on end. Not worth my time.
  19. What a bunch of idiots right!? I mean, a cockroach life cycle chart isn't complete without showing off the pupal stage, duh!
  20. Dudes they forgot the pupal stage!
  21. Hey Guys, After two post-less months, I've finally got a new one out and to make it up, I left a little surprise at the end.
  22. Pretty much only Kyle, unless you could find a collector. If you're able to get ahold of him, he should have a bunch of different orthopterans hatching in a couple months.
  23. Where would you find these hoppers and katydids?
  24. I have a 40 gallon tank that I’m going to split with a plexiglass divider, and put AGB,s in one side and Giant blue Philippine millipedes on the other side, when I get a larger set up for my buisness I’m going to get a few 40 gallon tanks and split them 2 or 3 times with dividers to hold my millipedes, expensive I know. But it would be awesome
  25. I'd get a group of Chinese mantis for it, a common yet impressive species, it will be no serious loss of one eats another.
  26. Passion is everything, some is even needed to keep the easiest roach species alive.
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