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  2. Hello, I currently have a colony of hissing cockroaches and a colony of dubia roaches but I am looking to start two more colonies of larger roaches and was recommended coming to this site to find someone to get them from. I have already decided I want a large number of orange head cockroaches, and I'm pretty sure I want the second species to be ivory head cockroaches. I was considering also dwarf cave cockroaches. Someone had contacted me about orange and ivory head roaches and told me they'd get a price shortly, but that was three weeks ago. Does anyone on here sell those two species in bulk? I'd like to have a second or even third person on my list to purchase from, as I do still intend to buy from the first person who contacted me too. I'm probably being overly cautious about inbreeding that Im not even sure is an issue with roaches, but I want to diversify my colonies bloodlines too. I have 2 Savannah monitors, 2 Nile monitors, an Argentine tegu, an Asian water monitor and am looking to add a pair of Australian frilled lizards to my family as well. My hissers and dubia are pumping out a TON of babies for me, but the hissers take forever to grow and my dubia colony is only a few months old now so even with almost 200 breeding females they just can't handle being the main diet on their own
  3. Awesome! Mine was delivered last week and it is FANTASTIC!
  4. Finally, one of my ooths hatched!!!
  5. Hopefully he still has some and just hasn't put them on the site yet due to him waiting for the culture to grow more.
  6. Awesome, it's definitely a book worth getting, hopefully it'll arrive it your library quickly!
  7. I know this isn't super relevant as a subject to discuss, but I'm just so excited! My library decided to accept my purchase request for For the Love of Cockroaches by Orin McMonigle, and now they have it! I have never hit "Place Hold" so quickly in my life! I can't wait to learn all about roaches and finally decide on a species for my next colony!
  8. Nice setup. For safety purposes, I would not have electric equipment below tubs with water in them. In my opinion, that is an unnecessary risk. As for heat, how much does the room fluctuate? Do you want these colonies to breed a lot (like feeder Dubia colonies) or just live? If the room stays around 70 and rapid reproduction is not a necessity, I would not worry about heat. The turtle lamps will definitely give off some ambient heat. before putting in any roaches I would set up a digital thermometer that keeps track of the high and low temperatures so you can see how much it fluctuates without the turtle lights and plan accordingly. Those bins are also the largest ones available and can hold A LOT of roaches, so I would scale down to the smaller bins and save these for extremely large colonies or species that do not do well with crowding. All my colonies start in small bins and progress in size as the colony grows.
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  10. Those tubs are the best! been using them for years and have never had any issue or an escapee. They are the only tubs I recommend because you do not need a barrier layer. With wire racks like that, enough space to slide each bin straight in and out of the rack should be enough space for ventilation. I prefer vents mounted on the lid versus the sides but that is just my personal preference. I think the main issue would be if you did not have a shelving unit and needed to stack the bins on one another, then front/side mounted vents would be the better of the two. Plus, lid-mounted vents will allow deeper substrate for some species.
  11. Hi all, it has been a while, but I am making progress. It took forever for my lab to be ready. They had to pull out carpet, add tile, and paint the walls. The space is nice, but a little small and oddly shaped. I searched hard for a rack to jam in this weird little corner, and I found one that fit perfectly! I found a website ( where I can order wire shelves at many dimensions, and get the individual pieces, not just the kits. I have 6 bins reserved for aquatic turtles on the second and third shelves. These shelves will have light units. I don't have them all installed yet. Wiring everything together is going to be tedious. Aside from that, it is bins to the ceiling! I probably won't have all 9 roach bins filled at once, but it is nice to have the space. I still have to install vents on the bins. Any thoughts on front vs top mounted vents? And then the heat source. The turtle lights may create enough ambient heat, or I might still need to do something different. I won't have space for a light in front of the rack like allaboutinsects suggested. The ventilation and temperature in this room is erratic, so everything will have to be thermostat controlled no mater what I do. I'm really looking forward to finishing this. Thanks to this forum for all the inspiration.
  12. I just finished setting up my rack and bins. Will be adding vents to mine soon. On checking this thread again, I realize we ended up with the same plastic tubs! They are the only tubs that have a really good fit for my rack. Any thoughts (from anyone) on top vs front mounted vents? How much space should I have between one lid and the next (wire) shelf to keep good ventilation?
  13. Interesting. For me, I have only noticed this with the orange heads, and maybe just the nymphs. It doesn't seem to matter for hissers, banana roaches, bees, wasps or anything else. But apparently it is a thing. It might be a filtering thing like vfox suggested, but maybe it is a mild sensitivity to red. I might have to get some high quality LEDs that emit a well defined range of colors and do some more tests. It would be cool to find out that some species are sensitive to it.
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  15. Yeah I recall talking to him about it. I don't think anyone has them at this time. Hopefully some more can be collected again but I'm not holding my breath just yet.
  16. Also, @vfox and @Hisserdude: the thread that Tleilaxu mentioned has pics of japonica in it by CodeWilster. I checked his shop (, but japonica is currently not for sale.
  17. Still waiting on the details to get the smuggling operation underway. I don't want to move money to PayPal unless I'm gonna use it. #PeriplanetaForHisserDude
  18. He had some tragic events this year so it'll take some time for him to get back into business.
  19. Kyle had them not long ago. Not sure if he still does though.
  20. I think @CodeWilster was keeping them, not sure if they've bred for him or not...
  21. Good to know! That species and the Black x White-eyed Periplaneta americana are actually on my wish list, both are very cool!
  22. I'm guessing someone needs to head to where they have been found in New York and catch a lot of them...
  23. These guys have been doing well for me
  24. Now you just need to add Periplaneta japonica in your collection to finish off the US based Periplaneta
  25. They don't take much room, they love crowding lol. At anyrate they really are a fun species.
  26. Yes, but only for one generation, which I can deal with I suppose! I've just got WAY too many new acquisitions planned this year to dedicate a whole breeding enclosure to Periplaneta now.
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