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  2. I use glass tanks to hold my roaches and display them but there are hard water stains from misting their enclosure that make watching them less enjoyable. I heard using lemon juice works but I have to say it's not very effective. I don't want to use soap because I don't want to hurt them. Basically I'm looking for a roach-safe windex / window glass cleaner that I'm sure doesn't exist.
  3. So after many months I start to see tiny white balls in my coco fiber. I’m assuming it’s a fungus. I never have seen it in my pantanals but everything else gets it. They clearly avoid those areas. Anything to be done or does that mean the fiber is ready to be changed?
  4. Allpet Roaches

    Reasons to avoid overseas shipments

    https://www.nj.com/middlesex/index.ssf/2018/08/nj_man_charged_with_importing_endangered_scorpions.html "Lapkiewicz could face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the wildlife smuggling charge. The false labeling of wildlife charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. On June 20, customs officers in Indianapolis intercepted a Federal Express package addressed to Lapkiewicz containing live giant millipedes. And on July 3, fish and wildlife agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York intercepted a package with 245 small containers with live orchid mantids inside. Authorities say Lapkiewicz was twice warned about his actions, and federal investigators eventually learned he was selling the creatures through his Facebook page."
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  6. ghastslayercat

    Roach Discord server?

    Hey i made a roach discord, its still new, idk if im allowed to post invites but if im not ill remove this post or edit it-https://discord.gg/kTB9MrV
  7. stanislas

    Pesticide removal

    Most likely it contains permethrin. That stuff is quite persistent. I would put it in a washing machine with sodium carbonate instead of detergent and wash it a high temperature. Perhaps that will do, as permethrin hydrolyses under alkaline conditions. Another option is the combination of water and light... but that might take time. Even then, I would be reluctant to use it. Considering the fact that permethrin treated clothing can outlast many washing cycles....
  8. ghastslayercat

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    thx, it might be a bit before the red runners breed as i have very few and only one adult at the moment but yah i will keep you updated and thx for being interested
  9. Psydeus565

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    Just marking this to keep up with the updates, I'm looking into possibly doing much the same, as I really don't want to take up another container for feeder roaches. Glad to hear it's going well so far. Mostly interested in whether they breed fine.
  10. I've noticed sometimes that pregnant female hissers of all types sometimes sway back and forth rhythmically every eight to fifteen seconds. The movement is very slight but if you keep your head still and watch for it you'll see it. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it common knowledge ?
  11. ghastslayercat

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    i checked them out while cleaning colony and they seem to be getting along fine, i saw some of the dubias chilling with the red runners in peace
  12. So as an experiment im keeping a tiny amount of Red-Runners with my Dubias to see if they cope, so far they are doing fine with each other, i will try to get pics and i will keep you updated with how there coping, if you have questions let me know and ill reply as soon as possible
  13. All About Arthropods

    Crossbreeding isopods?

    No problem! Pretty fortunate if you ask me; if they were crossable, I'm almost certain the hobby would be ran rampant with hybrids as it is with certain genera of cockroaches.
  14. Chimera

    Crossbreeding isopods?

    Yeah, that's kind of what I figured. Thanks for your answer! 😃
  15. I've been going out hunting for the last couple days. For the first three days or so I caught nothing but Spherillo sp (222 in total were captured). However, just yesterday I figured out were the P. scabers resided and have had two days of very fruitful expeditions. On the first day i found around 10 or so p.scabers wildtypes as well as an orange! My first one, I am pretty happy. Then on the second day I captured a further 202 P. scabers. Amongst which was another orange! As well as 10 white individuals. All the wildtypes were placed into the culture that I don't meddle with to breed independently, and the colour morphs were all removed to their respective cultures (which I will detail in a post tomorrow). Overall, very happy with my progress. Now I just need to wait for them to breed.
  16. All About Arthropods

    Crossbreeding isopods?

    At least with species already in culture, this has not been observed. It seems like sort of a common practice for people to house different species together, so if it was possible, people would have surely found out by now.
  17. Chimera

    Crossbreeding isopods?

    So my interest in breeding isopods persists, but I'm having difficulty finding sources to learn about the finer points of it. Everything I find is too technical for me to understand, or not specific enough. I have one main question that I haven't been able to find the answer to. So I know different colors of isopods within species can be crossbred, but what about isopods that are different species but in the same genus? For example, breeding Porcellio dilatatus with Porcellio scaber? (Totally random examples.) I feel like it should be possible, but if it is, why haven't hobbyist pursued it? Thanks in advance! Also, any links to sources or papers about isopod breeding are appreciated 😊
  18. Matttoadman

    Female Lateralis that can climb smooth plastic

    Interesting. I have seen my smaller ones use water droplets like a rock climber. As well as climb a dirty container wall. Crazy bugs.
  19. Matttoadman

    What’s new in the invert world?

    Hemiptera are on top my list then. I am interested in predators due to my roach population. I better research those beetles now. Thanks.
  20. Xenoblatta

    Help me identify these nymphs please !

    Wow... Thank you @Test Account I'm sorry I didn't read it before 😮 I get it... I hope he gets better and come back around here...
  21. All About Arthropods

    What’s new in the invert world?

    I'm on a mission to try and breed a number of flower and darkling beetles currently and things aren't going as well as I had hoped (some of my darklings got a harmful fungal infection someway or another), but if I'm successful, there will be many beetles more easily accessible on the market. Have you heard that Goliathus goliatus, Goliathus regius, and Goliathus cacicus are now legal to own and ship in the U.S? There is a report of a new and easy method for breeding Asoblus verrucosus, but I need to see if it works with my own eyes. A couple species of pill millipedes are starting to be bred in the U.S. A very pretty species of U.S harvestman will hopefully be entering culture soon, Dalquestia Formosa. An impressive species of earwig is already pretty established in the hobby, Euborellia arcanum, and a few even more impressive species should be joining in soon as well! Have you seen all the exotic species that have entered culture recently? I wouldn't exactly call them "meh". 😛 They would indeed! I personally would much recommend hemipterans over mantids though as even though mantids are pretty much an experience like no other, I personally have found them VERY hard to keep alive. You might find them easy though, I don't know; I just always fail for some reason. lol With Hemiptera you still have a good amount of options that fit your criteria - predatory stinkbugs, assassin bugs, ambush bugs, certain species of water bugs, etc. I don't exactly know how easy the ambush bugs are to breed though since it's just never really been attempted except maybe once. Darkling beetles also make a good match, but they aren't predatory.
  22. BugEaters

    Escape proof lid??

    Mine have chewed through plastic mesh before and escaped. I use a gasket container now with metal screened round vents. When I kept them in 10 gallons, I used a metal framed lid with metal screening. www.roundvents.com
  23. Bugboy3092

    What’s new in the invert world?

    While not new, arilus cristatus aren’t too common yet, and platymeris are large and gorgeous. Psytalla are absolutely beautiful, but are quite a bit more expensive.ambush bugs are also quite interesting.
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  25. So is there anything new out there on the horizon? Any new types of inverts getting ready to make a splash? Any positive changes to restrictions? I’ve been keeping inverts since 2015 and I am wanting to see what’s out there. I have 6 roach species. Roaches are fantastic. I have had three millipede species and find them difficult to keep the colony going. I’ve had centipedes and find them boring. I have had about 7 species of tarantulas and find them boring 99% of the time. Isopods are just meh. I have one scorpion and he’s ok I just wouldn’t want anymore. Reproducible, able to observe most of the animals behaviors. and preferably a predator. These are the qualities I am looking for. Would mantids and Hemiptera fit these qualifications? Suggestions please. Matt
  26. Bugboy3092

    Help! Mysterious hisser deaths

    You could try adding rotten, moldy hardwood leaves to the substrate (the thicker the layer the better, but 1 inch makes a big difference) as it seems to improve the overall health of a colony (it’s the main food source for many of my colonies). You might want to try decreasing the humidity a little, and at the same time tape over the lid of the cage. By plenty of water, do you mean they have a water dish? If so, I would get rid of it, theyll get all their moisture from the air, food, and substrate. Poisons contained within bark wouldn’t be the cause, and I would recommend using it instead of egg cartons. The stringy fungus is most likely mycelium of a decaying fungus, which likely came from the bark. The fungus is actually beneficial to the roaches, as decays organic matter into edible rot (for instance, wood, coco fiber, and leaves can be decayed by it). Hope this helps!
  27. Sorry for the late reply, I had a hectic week. Thank you for your reply. Since you posted, I've gone out and searched for Orange individuals of P. scaber. Although I wasn't successful in that regard, I did find significant populations of A. vulgare amongst which there was several different colour morphs - particularly "high yellow" and red. I'm working on isolating those individuals. I've also resurveyed my initial population of P. scabers and found 3 white individuals and 4 calicos (which I have also isolated into their own respective enclosures with a couple of immature wildtypes). White isn't a colour that has been fully isolated, so there really isn't a big difference between me isolating orange or white in terms of accomplishments. Finally, I've acquired some Porcellionides pruinosus orange morphs, and I've begun working on them.
  28. Bugboy3092

    Capturing/collecting roaches

    Interesting, I definitely need to head back there then! Speaking of heading to places, I’m going to New Mexico on the 21st, any species I should be on the lookout for while there?
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