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    I like to keep and collect invertebrates, play video games and I also enjoy growing a variety plants

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  1. Just wanted to ask how bad is the wing biting in your six spots? Also how fast are they breeding? if they have even bred yet.
  2. Welcome! I'm also a roach hobbyist from Connecticut!
  3. Just got some new beetles from Peter, check it out on my blog! -
  4. Thinking about getting some larvae from Peter and wanted to know if anyone has kept this species before? Any care and breeding info on these guys would be appreciated.
  5. Lol
  6. Very nice colony!
  7. Cool! I used to have a large colony of porcelio scaber but no longer keep the species. I do have a Small colony of armidillidium maculatum though.
  8. What kinds of isopods do you keep? I'm also from New England!
  9. Heating cable is good to heat many cages as you can lay it out across a desk/shelf and use it to heat the cages. Roaches can be kept in a variety of cages but food storage ones work the best along with gasket boxes.
  10. His blog says they are A.diaperinus
  11. That's sucks, sorry to hear that.
  12. Sorry for your losses. What species have you lost?
  13. Ok thanks! Can't wait to read it!
  14. Awesome!!! Congrats! When do you think you'll post about it on your blog?
  15. Happy birthday Peter!!