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  1. I love these critters. I kept them through a few cycles a while back, and still have the egg-saturated sand packed away somewhere around here. This makes me want to dig it up and start the colony up again. I love how when you don't have time for them anymore, you can just pack them away for a while. haha
  2. I'll totally help you look for some next time I'm down there.
  3. Some of my G. Portentosa hiss pretty loudly while others in the colony don't hiss much at all. And my E. Javanica are only 2i still, so I haven't heard any of them hiss yet.
  4. Yes, those are baby hissers.
  5. I don't live in Florida, but I requested to join the group anyway. I'm interested in at least learning about the species there and laws pertaining to them.
  6. Most people generally let them breed for a few generations to try to weed out problems like parasites and carried pesticides, I believe.
  7. Dammit, I was excited for a minute there. haha
  8. I always love seeing a roach post-molt, and these guys look especially cool.
  9. That is definitely an interesting lookin roach.
  10. That was an awesome video. Thanks for sharing that
  11. Yeah, it's pretty easy to do actually. Here's one of my shadowboxes (all of the critters there were my pets at one point and died of natural causes):
  12. Just looks like a discoid with an odd pronotum marking to me.
  13. I know quite a few people that keep roaches and stuff but are more active on the local southern california invert hobbyist group.
  14. Yeah, summer gets up to about 105-110. haha. It's nice in the winter, I mean, it's 2pm right now and I'm sitting outside in pants and a t-shirt. lol
  15. I think you just like Bakersfield because you don't live here. Haha.