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  1. There are several carob trees in the neighborhood, and my roaches and isopods seem to enjoy the seed pods I get for them. People are frequently pruning these trees back, so I have to wonder, does anyone know whether roaches or isopods will fare well with carob tree leaves?
  2. A nearby feed store offers me, not wheat bran, but 50 pounds of wheat mill run for $12.14. I didn't know anyone could transport 50 lbs. of anything in this overpriced city for $12, much less the all the most nutritious parts of wheat. So is this stuff good staple for roaches?: Dubia, Eublaberus "Ivory Head", Panchlora "Banana", Oriental, Madagascar Hissers
  3. Yes, but the ivory-heads are notable for not chewing on wings like the other Eublaberus; so I didn't think they would nip snakes either. A large population could be rather pushy, but I was considering culling most of the adults.
  4. I like these Eublaberus ivory-headed roaches, but mine took a long time to reproduce, so I might have to buy some more for projects if you think the following will work. Will they eat snake excrement in a bioactive substrate? (Yuck, I know.) Will nymphs survive in substrate if it drops down into the 50's F? Do they produce males and females approximately 50/50, or do they produce more of once sex than the other? I have springtails and isopods, but I like how these ivory-heads will aggressively churn the substrate and quickly show up underground wherever there's a food source. Would anything else eat snake poop without flying or climbing walls?
  5. Probably won't help with aquaponics options, but mine like watermelon rinds and love corn cobs. They also enjoy anything they can pickup and run away with. My Porcellio dilatatus eventually haul away all the sesame seeds I sprinkle in their dish. (It has high concentrations of calcium and copper which are both supposed to be good for them.) If you get green filament algae, I personally would experiment with that on a small population of isopods to see if they like it and don't die from it. Some algae is toxic to some creatures.
  6. I had something similar happen with the Armadillidium I gathered. Seemed like all the adults I gathered died off, but then waves of their offspring matured and multiplied. I think they were just at the end of the their lifecycle, were unhealthy to begin with, didn't adapt to changes I put them through, or some bacteria bloom or slightly lethal chemical in the coco fiber or box slowly got to them before gassing off. I only have several months experience with A. vulgare, P. scaber, Porcellio dilatatus, but I've had all of those cultures go through relatively damp and drier conditions without denting their populations as long as there was some moisture somewhere in the box. I don't have problems with phorid flies, I think because I try to keep springtails in all those cultures, which cover carcasses such that I doubt a fly could land there. My Porcellio dilatatus culture is pretty much wall-to-wall springtails, which might annoy the isopods a little, but they plow right through them and are reproducing anyway. On the other hand, P. scaber seems to have overwhelmed their springtails such that I can't find any in their culture. Now, in all their cultures I always keep a lid with water and charcoal (to climb) so they have a backup source of hydration. I also use that dish as a visual gauge of when I need to rehydrate an area of the enclosure.
  7. Alder is supposed to be ideal: I haven't found a local source of alder yet, but my culture quickly shredded sycamore, which is all over there place here. Mine also eat mulberry and oak, and eventually even magnolia. A supplement of copper is supposed to be good for them, so I'm thinking about adding sesame seeds, which are supposed to be high in copper.
  8. Recreational marijuana is now legal in my state, but I really don't have any use for the stuff. Would a roach colony be able to celebrate legalization or would it just kill them? Also, if roaches could safely eat marijuana, would gut-loading them on weed harm any pets you might feed them to?