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  1. It's to feed my emperor scorpions/centipedes. I do like dubias but they aren't too handle able.
  2. I do have an empty 20 qt tub and I'd like to have a larger feeder roach for them. Was thinking if hissers can be feeders/if they'll reproduce quickly enough.
  3. Would a 6 quart shoebox be sufficient for a nice feeder colony of banana roaches? I'm trying to produce three types of banana roaches for mantises (nivea, sp giant, sp speckled).
  4. For males of magnifica, I can just store them at room temp so the females can mature first right? Ditto with pygmea?
  5. So what's the general care synopsis?
  6. It does help. Doesn't the males mature way quicker than the females?
  7. How would one rear them successfully?
  8. Nymphs. I'm feeding hisser nymphs to tarantulas, large mantises, centipedes, scorpions, geckos maybe....
  9. I am considering doing a pure clean hisser roach colony or the largest hissing roach colony (as I have red runners and bananas). Would they make good feeders (for like large animals)? 20 quart plastic tub will be used.
  10. Separate. I would do five gallons but there's none online that is worth shipping and I don't really have a load of room (only 36x18x14 inches of space) and I'm raising discoid roaches.
  11. Could three gallon box enclosures work for green banana roaches and red runner roaches? Both are separated.
  12. Hmm I can tell your kind of referring to the guy that died in a roach eating contest to get a ball python (6,000 dollar). Roaches are allergenic, and that sometimes people get allergic to them in large amounts.
  13. More females mean more babies and that male is sure to feel quite comfortable.
  14. I was planning on raising little kenyan roaches, could they be raised in 32 ounce deli containers? Any care info for them?
  15. Could I mix regular green banana roaches, giant banana roaches and porcelain roaches in a 32 quart bin? It has substrate and that there are springtails, isopods and bumblebee millipedes that will be in it.