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  1. Looks like from one of our sister forums is that they might change the permitting system. And please, make relevant and logical comments. Also, if enough people say stuff like that, then there is going to be change as they might be able to get some of us, but they can't get several hundred thousand people. People have already commented, one of them being for butterflies (tropical) and several allegedly being for snails. It is mainly snails and soil related, but add some ones about insects. The more the merrier. You can also be anonymous too.
  2. With the heating cable, I recommend using electrical tape, packaging tape, or aluminum tape. As long as the cables are spaced apart sufficiently and that they don't touch each other, your good. No, I have quite frankly an aquarium and a roach colony and they are all plugged in and no fire occurred. Now, there are heat pads, flexwatt heat tape, using a heating blanket, etc.
  3. I got at least 100 sub-adult roaches from an ebay seller. I asked her if they are pure and she said they were. Now, how would I tell the difference between discoid roaches that are pure and hybrid.
  4. I just got said enclosure heated via heat cable. I just discovered that heat cables make great heating elements.
  5. Blaberus giganteus seems interesting. Along with rhino roaches.
  6. Any good enclosures for them? I am running low on space due to my large discoid colony (12 gallons). Any methods of sorting out them? Any examples?
  7. And along with that, I ordered 100 discoid pure bred roaches. They are sub adults and will that be enough to have a decent colony size within 1-2 months?
  8. Hmmmm I would like to keep multiple roach species (for feeders), would a heating cable be able to heat a good amount of them?
  9. Could I keep p nivea and discoid roaches together?
  10. Any setup for the heating cable? Would they be on the outside of said cage or on the bottom? It is a wire shelving unit that the enclosures will be on. I am a visual person so pictures would be nice.
  11. I am looking to keep a variety of roaches. Now what container would be good to keep single species roaches in? Any good beginner species? I was thinking of keeping g portenosa as a pet roach and breed it once in a while. Any methods of heating multiple cages?
  12. For the dubia or discoid roaches does the enclosure need to be high? And would I be able to introduce springtails to aid in cleaning up the frass of the roaches?
  13. Also, with the turk roaches and p nivea, how high should the enclosure be? Do turks and nivea roaches need substrate?
  14. And do Turkestan roaches smell? And aren't p Nivea hard to rear? Any enclosure examples for these species?
  15. I would do discoidis and lateralis, but I am a little bit against the turk roaches (I find them pretty good, just that I live in Phoenix and they could establish themselves there). Would nivea and latterlis be able to be housed in smaller totes? Human heating pads for the roaches?