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  1. After an hour of searching I found one of my nymphs reached adulthood.
  2. Nypmh
  3. Caffrorum
  4. Here is a white and black one I found. Tried to get better pic but lighting was not the best.
  5. Crickets
  6. A few hissers.. cage cleaning/feeding time. Have more photos of different types but pics won't load so these guys will have to do for now.
  7. Thanks i hope so to. I have lots of these guys. I'll be selling or trading some of the nymphs off at some point they are really tiny right now, when there a bit bigger I'll be shipping them out. I like them but I only need a few. I agree they are pretty. The males are easier to handle not as mobile like the females.
  8. Chopardis are cute, fun little things. Javanicas are my top favorite hisser due to there colorations and feisty temperament. insignis and tigers are tied for second. I don't like dubias as either pet or feeders that's why I traded them for orange heads instead. My turtle and frogs wouldn't eat them and they just didn't spark my overall interest as a pet roach. So I stoped getting them. I only have maybe 10 left. Once they are gone I'm not purchasing anymore. Green Banana roaches are a new favorite for my frogs. Unfortunately They are a bit too small for my turtle.
  9. lol it's hard.. I do like my javanicas (they were the first roach species that I kept as pets) since then I've expanded a bit... I have almost every type of hisser available. My craniifers are at the top of my non-hissing list along with the centurion. I can tell you one roach I don't like...dubia. I must admit I don't much care for this species (However I do want some gold ones). I'm partial to the orange heads but those are feeders. Ivory heads are new so far I'm enjoying them. I'm on the lookout for some adult giant cave roaches and colossal roaches (Going to take a bit of searching.) so yeah.. it's hard to pick so I enjoy them all.. with exception on one species so far. I really like crickets also... (off topic)
  10. Few new adults arrived today. Have lots of nymphs of these guys its, nice to finally have some adults.
  11. These guys are new, well the Ivory Heads are, I use Orange Heads I use for feeders.The Ivory heads for now are pets. Until I get a colony established. I really enjoy hissing roaches all types. Javanicas, Chopardi, and Insignis are my favorites for hissers, Death Heads and Giant Caves are my non-hisser favorites. The banana roaches are fun also. Though the last of my Giant Caves killed over. So Ill be looking for a breeding pair of them soon enough. The Ivory Adult Is beautiful, love the white and black markings. Hopefully they reproduce well. I purchased both of these from inverts unlimited. All arrived alive and in good condition.
  12. New ones that arrived today.
  13. has normal ones. I keep mine in my fish tank. My males are about 31/2-4 inches I've always hand fed mine I've never had an issue with them trying to eat any of my fish. (Even when my fish were smaller.) I've had them for 4 years. Eventually I'd like to get more of them and have a tank all there own which would be nice.
  14. Thanks I try. So far all the new ones are doing good...that's a plus. I have new javanicas that are gorgeous in coloration hoping some of that spreads through my stock. We shall see.
  15. Yeah mine got out do to error on my part. I did a partial water change and filled the tank too full. Well lesson learned wont happen again. Im happy i found him though because... A) I like my frog too much, I would have felt terrible if he had died. B.) I could only imagine what i would have had to listen to if my bf was sitting on the couch playing his video game and a frog wandered across the floor in front of him. Never would have heard the end of it or he'd want me to get rid of them. Probably would have ended our relationship then and there... because I'm not getting rid of my frogs, I like them too much.