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  1. I also feed Dumor. Right now my flock is on layer so I thought why not roaches too. Used to feed the guineas a game bird crumble (higher protein) but to be honest they do just fine on the layer crumbles too. No worries Matttoadman. I would never give a medicated feed to anything other than the animal it was intended for.
  2. Thanks Hisserdude! That's good to know, and relieving. I'll update once I try it.
  3. Oh great! Well I just may start feeding that then. I was reading about roach nutrition and kept seeing that high levels of protein is a big no no for adults.. That led me to reading ingredient analysis on all of my pet foods (things I'd normally feed) and everything is pretty high in protein. Looked over at the chicken feed and it's only 14%. So thought I'd ask around.
  4. Has anyone here ever tried giving their roaches chicken feed? If so, how often would it be safe?
  5. Aww, poor Soup. Glad you stepped in. She's a cutie for sure! Love the name by the way.
  6. Ah, I just saw the black. Reckon I'll email him too. I think he's probably the only person I haven't emailed yet. Bahaha
  7. Love them! Did you get that last Tiger in with the black Tigers?