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  1. I feel so bad, of them has the bottom of their legs all ripped off it looks.. It must have tried to get out or something. Or perhaps they chewed one another. It was alone in the humidity guage and then four in the temperature guage. They will regrow legs with next molt right?
  2. Nevermind, I popped the front out and rescued all five of them!
  3. @Hisserdude I think they are stuck..I'm trying to get them out but have no idea how to do so without breaking it. I don't care to break it, but I'm afraid of crushing them. My poor little babes. I have to go to class so I will have to try when I get back to rescue them.
  4. I am just so amused.. I'm not sure if they can get out..I would assume so if they got in.. But I'm not sure. I might have to just take it out then.
  5. I FOUND THEM!! But I can't quite get to them.. They are inside the temperature guage..
  6. I'm not sure how anyone finds actual air tight containers.. I've looked so many places but can't seem to find any that are good enough. I have a sterilite gasket one that I will move them to when I get back home from work.. If they did escape..I haven't found them. Only time will tell, I suppose..
  7. They are g. portentosa. I'm missing 4 of the smaller nymphs I had.. I'm not sure if they escaped..but nothing has changed with their housing and they all seemed content. I'm really unsure. I don't see legs or anything.
  8. So..I figured I'd come here instead of talking to my housemate about this issue.. I had 9 roaches, but can only seem to locate 5 of them.. They seem to hide and then reappear and I can find them, but for the last few days I've only been able to count 5. Is it possible they might have somehow died and then the others ate them? Or perhaps they're hiding and I can't find them..even though I seem to have dug around a good amount. Hmm..
  9. Very nice! I hope they do well for you!!
  10. He does! I am so excited.. He can hiss now. He was darker and I gently touched him and he hissed. I thought they only did that once they reach adulthood? I'm new to this, so is this his final molt or will he molt again?
  11. I was so excited to see this when I opened their enclosure this morning!! This is the first time I've seen them at the end of a molt and it just made me so happy! Thought I'd share!
  12. What are some general signs that a roach is close to molting? I'm just curious and it's difficult to find photos or information. I suppose with more observation I'll be able to figure it out, but was wondering if anyone had any clue! Thanks!
  13. Thank you!! I've had two of the smaller ones molt so far! So cool to see them change, although I've yet to witness a molt..but one day I hope to!
  14. G. Portentosa nymphs! ^.^