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  1. That's wicked cool!
  2. Well, I only have 8 nymphs so they won't eat it too fast as of yet. Here's the ingredients, though.
  3. Does anyone use this to feed their roaches? I got it just to see how they'd like it and they seem to love it.
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Would you mind posting a photo of the setup of the sheet of styrofoam underneath? I'm currently trying to figure out a way to better keep my roaches at a warmer temperature.
  6. Very interesting.
  7. Well I appreciate your help. I'll do that. Thank you though.
  8. Fascinating, I didn't know that! Really interesting!
  9. I feel like I should put it out of its misery.. It has been struggling for almost two days. I'm not sure if it's the tips of the feet that are stuck, but it certainly looks like that's where the problem lies.
  10. Is it possible that there would be difficulty molting with the one that lost the bottoms of it's legs? I feel it may die because it is struggling molting. I'm not really sure what I can do to help.
  11. Hello! Your house sounds amazing! Also really awesome that you have a Whipscorpion.
  12. I feel so bad, of them has the bottom of their legs all ripped off it looks.. It must have tried to get out or something. Or perhaps they chewed one another. It was alone in the humidity guage and then four in the temperature guage. They will regrow legs with next molt right?
  13. Nevermind, I popped the front out and rescued all five of them!
  14. @Hisserdude I think they are stuck..I'm trying to get them out but have no idea how to do so without breaking it. I don't care to break it, but I'm afraid of crushing them. My poor little babes. I have to go to class so I will have to try when I get back to rescue them.