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  1. I posted this on another tread, but didn't get any responses. Maybe I'll get some more thoughts on this thread. I have two g-oblongonota nymphs. When I look for them, (by hand as I am blind) I do not find them usually. Until the other day when one of them, identifiable by it's slightly larger size crawled right onto my hand when I placed my hand in the enclosure. This same nymph has continued to crawl on my hand when I reach into the cage. And, my adult hisser does it too sometimes. Any thoughts on why the roaches seem to be actively approaching my hand? Could it be my scent, for example?
  2. How would one preserve a large adult hisser, for example? I removed my male hisser the same day he died and put him in the freezer for bariel in the spring (I know I'm strange for having roach funerals, but hey). But now I'm wondering if preserving him might be better. What would be really cool is if I could somehow encase him in something to protect him and make him into a pendant. Or is that too gross? Thoughts?
  3. I also agree with hisserdude. ANd, while I don't want to breed at all, much less sell little nymphs, I respect the hobby and don't want to create crosses by mistake. Also, the reasons hisserdude mentioned are why I'm not sure my adult male g-portentosa is an actual g-portentosa. Since he is meant simply as a pet, I don't mind, but I wouldn't want to breed him and sell roaches I wasn't sure were purebreds.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to say that I really admire the way you really care about your roaches. You think about their quality of life and seem to take such good care of them. I hope things with your females get better, maybe it's a germ or something brought from the first colongy?
  5. I have computer software, called a screen reader, that reads anything that is on my computer screen in a synthetic voice. I could also use a braille display to read forum posts in braille, but listening to them is easier. This is also how I type and use a computer. Doing school would be pretty difficult if I couldn't independently opperate a computer. But thank you for your question.
  6. I find much to enjoy, not just with roaches, but with millipedes and tarantulas and many other inverts. They have so many textures and feel so interesting! If you are worried about experiencing them differently, try beginning to handle them more now while you have sight and try to discover other ways to enjoy them I would say. Tarantulas are very soft, for example and millipede legs feel really unique.
  7. I thought I would start a topic for all of us to describe interesting behaviors we have observed in our roaches. I frequently handle my roaches and parts of their enclosure, jus to make sure everything is alright in terms of heat, humidity and that everyone is still alive.. The last couple of times I've checked on the cage, the same tiny nymph has crawled onto my hand. I can telll it is the same one because this one is bigger. The thing that made this behavior so interesting to me is that when I search for the nymphs, they ae difficult to find, well, until this one started climbing onto my hand without any searching on my part. I'm sure there is some scientific, perhaps smell-based reason for this behavior, but that doesn't lessen its adorableness for me.
  8. Yes, I think she might have been. She was also very inactive, though since she was my first roach I thought that was normal. My male that died also became very inactive just prior to death. Also, I saw on a different thread that bottom mounting can be bad for roaches, so I switched it to a side mount.
  9. Ok, when they get to that size, I will try to post pictures of them.
  10. I forgot to say how long I have had roaches for. I got my first Roach in August, but she passed away after just a few weeks despite my following all care instructions. She was an adult, and honestly I think she may have been old. I then bought two males and they did better, I still have one of them. I then decided to try buying younger hissers from a different colony to see if they would do better. So far, so good with the little nymphs. Have any of you purchased roaches from Josh's Frog's before? That is where I purchased my anicial roaches and in retrospect the animals I purchased were not as healthy as my little nymphs. This may also be due to the fact that the roaches from Josh's Frogs likely came from a feeder colony whereas the other place I bought my nymphs from (Bugs in Cyberspace) seem much healthier and are of course younger. I would love to hear people's thoughts on this, the deaths of two of my first roaches is still bothering me. I know this post is long, but just to give you an idea of my roach care, here is how all of them have been set up. They are in a exotara fawnarium with cococradle bedding (I'm going to be purchasing some composit bedding from Bugs in Cyberspace when my nymphs are a lttle bigger). they have kork bark in the cage as well. For food, they have a mixture of carrots, apples, cricket food and dog food. I provide water with roach jelly, water crystals and by misting the cage several times a day (their bedding dries out very fast). Oh, and they have a heat mat mounted on the bottom of the cage. Again, sorry for the log post, I'm just really excited to find other people who like roaches and am hoping for some feedback on my roach care and am looking forward to hearing people's thoughts.
  11. Right now, I just have the two wide horned hisser nymphs and an adult male g-portentosa. Do any of you know when hissers start to hiss? It would be interesting to see if the different spiecies of hisser could be identified by their hiss. If some of you with different hisser breeds want to upload audio of your hissers, I can tell you if I think it might be possible to id via sound. As for texture, the nymphs are just much softer than my audlt male, their legs haven't yet become rough. WHen they are older, I will be able to tell you more about the texture differences I notice. One of the reasons I chose wide horned hissers is because they are said to have a louder hiss, and I thought that would be fun. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!
  12. Thanks Hisserdude! Being blind in and of itself isn't much of an issue, it just...bugs me when people make assumptions, thus my explanatory post. Everyone on here seems very helpful and quick to answer questions. As for roaches getting a bad rap, that is certainly something I have noticed when I tell people about my pets.
  13. Oh, both nymphs are oblongonota, it's just my adult male that isn't. And, thank you, when they get a little bigger, I will do my best to take pictures and see if you can sex them. I would rather not wait until they are adults and risk babies or inbreeding! How big do they need to be for you to tell?
  14. I just wanted to post a little bit more about me and my roaches. As I mentioned on another thread, I happen to be blind.. this of course means that I experience my roaches in a tactile rather than visual manner. I have hissers, and I find them extremely easy to handle and also fun to listen to when they hiss.. As for care, I feel I must reassure people that my being blind does not impair my competency in providing care to my roaches, or myself for that matter! If you wonder why I add this, you might be surprised by the number of people who are under the mistaken impression that blind people can't take care of themselves, let alone roaches. Ok, mini rant over. For my part I am a grad student living in a small apartment, and I find my hissers to be the perfect pet for this environment. They are very easy keepers in my experience and do not seem to be bothered by my touching them as some other creatures migh be. This post is also menat to explain why I might ask someone to describe in words a posted picture. I was able to see for several years and do understand colors and shades of color. I also wanted to post this in case any of you had questions about caring for roaches while blind, questions about my blindness in general or anything else related to what I have written here.
  15. Is this something I could also feel? I am blind and won't be able to see the size of the ventral segments. I don't have a problem handling the nymphs, however and I might be able to detect the difference that way. At about was size/age is this possible?