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  1. I didn't know they would eat egg shells! I'm going to try that.
  2. Just in case you didn't have enough hissers to help me name. I'm now awaiting a shipment of a few more females! When I get them I can describe them as well. I love your name ideas!
  3. I named my millipede Freya. Although being she's a desert millipede and that's a norse goddes that may have been a little off on my part!
  4. Oh, come on! Some of you have to have some ideas! Or is it just that many of you don't name your bugs/think thats odd?
  5. Hello! II am from Colorado! I also have a very small colony, though mine is five males and a female. All hissers. Welcome to the forum!
  6. So, this is just for fun, but I hope some of you can help. I have six roaches and I would like to name them. Mine are strictly pets, not feeders, so I feel they deserve names. Oh, two of the six do have names, they are two male halloween hissers that I call Mike and Sully (from the movie Monsters inc). I can't really upload pics, so I will describe them... The first is a lovely and lively female tiger hisser. She's kind of a drama queen and likes to hiss more than any other female I've ever met. The second is her male counterpart, a big, loud, additude-filled male tiger who is king of the male tank. Then I have a shy laid-back male g,portentoasa who doesn't really hiss much and seems to keep well clear of the male tiger. he is a little on the small side for his breed, but really a sweet roach that sits or climbs around in my hand in a relaxed manner. Then I have a very lively male g,oblongonota nymph who is just learning how to hiss. He likes to try to wriggle from my hand when he is picked up and can usually be found hanging out on the wall of the cage. He looks like he is going to be pretty big and may someday give the male tiger competition for the title "King of the Tank. So, any ideas?
  7. I am very sorry for your loss, butglad your wife has developed feelings for your six-legged friends.
  8. Nevermind I got the answer.
  9. I am keeping my millipede, my oblongonota nymph and my adult g,portentosa in a medium critter keeper. I'm expecting two E,gervanica (sorry about spelling), and another adult male g,portentosa. I want to purchase a couple more, but I'm not sure how many roaches it's ok to keep in a medium critter keeper. It's exo-tera brand. Would love some advice!
  10. Thanks so much! I feel kind of bad for bugging him, but I saw he has some really cool hissers! I hope all is well with him and I hope to hear back soon!
  11. Ok, so I wasn't sure where to post this question. So I'm just goint to post it here and hope someone knows the answer. Does anybody have a better contact email or something for roachcrossing? I emailed (the email that's on the website) about four days ago and haven't heard back. I've read good things about Roachcrossing and wanted to possibly order some roaches, but now I'm wondering if i have the wrong contact info. I mean, of course, he might be busy, but from what I've read it isn't really like him not to respond? If anyone could help, I would be very appreiative@
  12. Hi, Sorry it has taken me so long to actually post a reply. That's so interesting that you can tell them apart by smell! After I read your post, I investigated to if I could smell the difference between my g,portentosa and g,oblongonota. You are right! However, the strogest smell in my tank right now is my millipede, she smells pretty strongly, but I don't mind. My oblongonota is too young to hiss yet, but I'm hoping it's a male and will hiss a lot. Love the name for your loud hisser!! And thanks for letting me know to stay away from the dubias!
  13. I posted this on another tread, but didn't get any responses. Maybe I'll get some more thoughts on this thread. I have two g-oblongonota nymphs. When I look for them, (by hand as I am blind) I do not find them usually. Until the other day when one of them, identifiable by it's slightly larger size crawled right onto my hand when I placed my hand in the enclosure. This same nymph has continued to crawl on my hand when I reach into the cage. And, my adult hisser does it too sometimes. Any thoughts on why the roaches seem to be actively approaching my hand? Could it be my scent, for example?
  14. How would one preserve a large adult hisser, for example? I removed my male hisser the same day he died and put him in the freezer for bariel in the spring (I know I'm strange for having roach funerals, but hey). But now I'm wondering if preserving him might be better. What would be really cool is if I could somehow encase him in something to protect him and make him into a pendant. Or is that too gross? Thoughts?
  15. I also agree with hisserdude. ANd, while I don't want to breed at all, much less sell little nymphs, I respect the hobby and don't want to create crosses by mistake. Also, the reasons hisserdude mentioned are why I'm not sure my adult male g-portentosa is an actual g-portentosa. Since he is meant simply as a pet, I don't mind, but I wouldn't want to breed him and sell roaches I wasn't sure were purebreds.