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  1. I am going to substrate for all due to the allergie issues that are being brought up a lot due to not keeping with cleaners and substrate
  2. I've been working towards teaching bearded dragon owners keeping their roaches with substrate and cleaner crews to help with lessening the "allergic" reactions. For red runners I haven't started substrate yet, do have lesser mealworms on hand. Do you leave the egg cases where they fall? I have about 14 egg cases so far and have been putting them in a deli cup with substrate to keep their humidity better.
  3. My wildcaught population has exploded! Babies all over!
  4. you got the genus right!
  5. The second one in the first group of photos is Headlamp Roach Eublaberus sp. “Pantanal”
  6. Let us know what you find!
  7. UK?

    TY! Knew UK had to have more options than dubias! Nice to be able to get more people interested in more types!
  8. Surprised how much they look like dubias!
  9. UK?

    awesome! Thanks so much!
  10. UK?

    What sites are there to get roaches other than dubias from in the UK. Mostly feeder type, but please share any sites you know.
  11. My son came down and said "it's my death head!"
  12. what kind?
  13. I don't consider discoids, or dubias burrowing (and also don't climb)
  14. Found this one also, has a couple more. http://moonvalleyreptiles.com/files/Feeder-Nutrition-Common-Reptile-Feeders-v1.0.pdf also has scaber isopods!