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  1. I use vascoline with any of the climbing species I keep.
  2. LOL Either way exciting!
  3. shhh, hub already wants to know how there are so many bugs in the house!!!
  4. My start other than dubias was from Kyle.
  5. My non climbers are in the drawers.
  6. Hissers are often feeders. Though in my book treats not a staple
  7. Trying to talk people into more options in general
  8. Didn't realize this one was actually missing dubia. But most the common ones used in the reptile community and easy to find ones include dubias. I don't think I've even found info on the discoids, which are often used especially in FL.
  9. Wasn't trying to cause trouble, glad to have curiosity fullfilled. and glad to know keeping it legal! Some of the ones in other countries are awesome looking and would love to have some, but all for letting the people who pay the money to get them in right to be able to make the money off those of us who want them
  10. Thanks @ nepenthe ! My new babies!
  11. Melon rine is suppose to help to lessen the amount of grain mites too. Put in, let them collect on it, rinse and repeat.
  12. http://www.instructables.com/id/Preserve-Insects-In-Resin/
  13. replace the substrate and just put a small amount of it back in to provide a small culture from the container to start again.
  14. I was able to find this chart that includes more than just the standard dubia roaches, but was wondering if anyone knew of more of the info on other types of roaches also.
  15. I miss all the fun