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  1. Most people use things like dog or cat food or oats as their dry foods, all of which you can find at Walmart.
  2. Congrats! I'm still waiting for my nymphs to be adults :/ keep us updated on those Halloween Hissers too!
  3. Congrats dude, that's impressive.
  4. Congratulations! Keep us updated on how the hierarchy changes with your males and post pictures when you can! =)
  5. I live in the bay area, near San Francisco and I was wondering what kinds of native roaches could I find near me. I would like to go out and find some roaches because I quite enjoy going outside and looking under rocks and logs for various insects and reptiles or amphibians and it would be really interesting to catch and keep some roaches and to observe their natural habitat too.
  6. Welcome back to the forum, as Skyvie said you still have quite a collection. But good luck getting it back to its former size! =)
  7. Those look awesome, I hope they do well for you =) I've heard that you can feed them faerie fire mushrooms to make their spots glow, you should try that and record your results!
  8. Don't worry, this will probably never actually happen (at least not with me). I would prefer not to hybridize with tiger hissers anyways. I do not have an actual colony of hissers and I am fairly sure that the three females that I have are hybrids of some kind (maybe they aren't but I don't know) so I would like to get a colony of pure Gromphadorhina oblogonata and will definitely partake in selective breeding just as I plan to do with my Blabberus Craniifer once they reach adulthood.
  9. Alpine green cockroach, Polyzosteria viridissima
  10. Do you know how big they usually get?
  11. What kinds of hissing cockroaches tend to get the biggest and how big do they get? I am asking because I would like to hybridize them in the future to make a larger hissing cockroach. And yes, I will be very responsible about it.
  12. I have heard a roughly two inch thin vaseline layer works better than a thick barrier so that could be it, it may also have to do with the temperature of the vaseline. Generally what I hear about this is to simply keep them in a sealable enclosure with lots of tiny air holes. Good luck =)
  13. I am reviving a quite old forum however, I think this beautiful roach is a good reason to do so =} I believe it is called Eushelfordia pica
  14. Sweet interview man =)
  15. Welcome to the forum, good luck getting your collection back up to size =)