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  1. I'm so sorry if I'm being annoying.. I'm learning! I don't know what it is with the stinking mold, and it's probably a mix of things, but I was wondering since misting isn't a big deal apparently, if there was another substrate I could buy, such as orchid bark or something.
  2. Is it normal for roaches to not move at all? My roaches have been staying in the same place for a couple of days, and I can't tell if they're eating or getting enough you have any thoights on why? Or is this normal?
  3. Would a lamp work? I was thinking about getting the zoomed red heat lamp that's's a red light so would that be a good all in one thing to use?
  4. And they haven't molted yet
  5. @Friday They were around two months old when I got them (what the shop said) so around three months now I guess @dcfarms What do u use for heating? @Matttoadman I'll try red lamps, where is a good place to get one, and can I just place it on the top, or does it need a full lamp. Can I just replace the bulb in their current lamp? I only use it to see when I replace water.
  6. They're still not moving, should I be worried? Are they not comfortable and what can I do to change that
  7. I've fixed the mould that should help
  8. I've had them for a couple months....but That makes perfect sense, because I've had to keep moving things because of mold (cleaning) which I'm sure has disturbed them. I'll be sure to leave everything alone for a little while. Thanks for the information
  9. Theryre madagascan hissing Cockroaches
  10. Just a random question, since they're the same .. species?.. but different colors, hybrids I guess can they be kept together?
  11. Whats the difference...and what's a pure stock?
  12. It might be a mix of things I guess. It's pretty hot and humid outside and mixed with their poop and moisture in there, maybe? I'll buy some orchid bark or something similar and see how that works. Are there any other substrates I should be aware of and use instead if orchid bark?
  13. What's their grass? I don't think the humidity is high, I haven't misted in 3-4 days and it's feels pretty dry. And it's not just the substrate, the log molded as well
  14. All it says is 100% natural substrate. It's exo Terra plantation soil
  15. Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, What do you think it could be then?
  16. Does anyone know why the Coco fiber would be I misting it to much.i don't want my hissers to get sick, so what should I do to prevent it?
  17. Ok....sounds good, what about them eating, I'm not sure that they're eating
  18. Things continue to mold! I'm boiling their log today and setting it out for a few make sure it's totally dry. I'm cleaning and replacing a layer of substrate. And water....should I take out the water bowl and let them get moisture from the fruit. Expect I can't tell if theyre eating anything..Thanks in advance
  19. Ok, I've already stopped misting twice a day, so I'll see if that works
  20. Awesome, thank you again!
  21. I have officially given in I think I want some more I was curious if you could just add hissers to the tank, or if I needed a completely new enclosure. I'd like to get two more (total of four) in my 12x12x12...would this be to crowded? Amd do I need to quarantine them, get a new tank, or will they be fine added on with my small group
  22. Also.. when you say fine do you mean they'll survive, or they'll still be happy and healthy with four
  23. Ok, thanks
  24. The roaches will be here by Thursday, and I'm super excited! The pictures are the second post in the thread btw I'd appreciate any tips or feedback
  25. Yeah, the files are too big, and I don't have faceboook