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  1. I actually do not know how old she is. She already was an adult when I got my roaches, though - they've been with me for about 6 months now.
  2. Sorry to butt into this post Is that a general sign if an aging roach? Because one of my Archimandrita females randomly lost a few of her tarsae (she gets around with her 3 remaining feet but limps quite a bit), one of her five legs is unmoving and her mouth cannot chew "solid" food (I feed her baby food only now), not even a softer zucchini. I'd be relieved if it was just her age showing, she's really giving me a heartache.
  3. Long time no see... I was actually gonna make a post stating how well my once prolapsed female developed. While I did not see her defecate, she was mobile and energetic. But now she's done it again :/ This prolapse is about the same size as the first one. There was what looked like a deformed, flat ootheca stuck to the little bubble, like she was trying to get rid of that and accidentally shat out her inner organs again. I hope she can manage the miracle again and survive, but my hopes are slim.
  4. I'll keep that in mind, thank you How can I deduce if she's defecating properly? Are there any signs to watch out for?
  5. I've got another update on her and good news (I think?) The bubble is gone completely and her abdominal opening looks like before too, nothing stuck in there (the other female had visible...residue stuck in her opening). The bubble started to shrink down after a few days. She is active and eats well! So I am optimistic!
  6. I have a sad update to make. I think the prolapse has gotten bigger and maybe even ruptured? I did find a little "puddle" of yellow-ish secrete at one point of the box (where she likes to hang out). So... I think I might be losing her soon
  7. Thank you for your very quick reply I'll have to see how she is faring in a few days. Her bubble looks still intact, the prolapse of the other roach was rather big and seemed "leaky". I guess I can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And yes, I do have other females in my colony. Both adults and nymphs So we'll all be fine if she's out of baby-business.
  8. Thank you in advance
  9. Hi guys I am coming to you with a sad suspicion. I think one of my females has a prolapse. It looks like a little yellow-ish bubble sticking out of the end of her abdomen. One of my other roach ladies had the same problem and died rather soon after. So... I just want to be prepared I guess. I'll post some pics too, so maybe you more experienced roach owners can confirm or deny?
  10. Ok, so when I came home from uni, I saw Rosie and my other male sitting butt-to-butt (ergo they just mated). She seems to fancy him a lot more. So her disdain was really directed specifically towards my original male. Maybe he was *too* eager in the beginning
  11. Thank you for your reply, Betta132 I'll give the branches a good scrubbing, I think!
  12. I'm not sure if that's the answer, as my two males are not chasing each other. Ever since the newer male molted into adulthood he hides away in the substrate most of the time. There never really was much chasing going on (Rosie was still a sub-adult nymph at that time) Yeah, she has plenty of egg flats and other hiding places to keep away from Otto. Most of the time she is hidden in the substrate, anyway.
  13. Thank you for your replies I thought about her just not being ready to mate yet, too. But I observed something interesting today when checking in with them after uni. My "main" male, Otto, now seems to resent her as well. He jumps on her back when she is in his vicinity, maybe to "beat" her into submission or maybe he suddenly just doesn't fancy her anymore, and runs around the box in a hurry. He usually only does this to Ulrich, my other male in the box. Now, I checked Rosie's abdominal segments several times and compared them to the other ladies' segments, they look identical - one bigger segment at the end. She's a lady alright. That being said, Rosie is a massive specimen in comparison to all my other roaches, maybe Otto is... intimidated by her? Anyway..I guess all three of us have to make do with the current situation till the new box is ready and they can keep away from each other.
  14. Good evening I noticed an interesting, different behaviour in a recently molted adult female ("Rosie" is her name). She seems to be less than thrilled about my original male's advances. She gets very defensive whenever he tries to make a move on her and I think Rosie even attacks him (if she is not fleeing in a hurry) Have you ever observed such defensive behaviour in a female? The other females just sit still and ignore him till he goes away. Thanks in advance