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  1. (Im not sure where to put this post so Im sorry if it is in the wrong place) All of my male Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are seperated into individual enclosures. They have never spent more than a day together (and thats just two at a time during shipping) but their enclosures take up a lot of space in my room (not like a lot but two shelves could have a lot more use) and I want to see if I could put them into the 15 gallon tank I have. I have notes on each individual in terms of behaviors and things like that since I like to learn about them and theyre primarily observational pets for me. I was wondering if there was a way for me to mark them to know who is who after i put all three of them in the enclosure (the fourth seems very old and I dont want them to beat him up lol) I was thinking something like a sticker between their little horns would be the easiest but I don't want to do anything that would harm them so I was just wondering if that would work or if there is something else I could do. Also are there any suggestions to try and limit any fighting that might happen between three males? Thanks!
  2. For the past few years the Bronx Zoo in New York has been doing a promotional event for St. Valentine's Day where you can name a madagascar hissing roach after your partner as a symbol of "resilient and ever lasting love", advertising the 'cockroaches are immortal creatures' to the public while also going "name a roach after your gross ex" Anyway, they have the Name A Roach certificate that they print and send to you and they also offer little gifts. Last year it was a plush cockroach but this year its hisser socks and a hisser enamel pin. Theres also 'cockroach chocolates' which is just chocolate in the shaoe of a bug. They are very cute (but overpriced in my opinion) and the money goes to helping the zoo. I think it's pretty interesting and the promotional videos are really cute...they has a hisser on Tinder! It was hilarious. The event ends soon (Im in no way sponsored by the Bronx Zoo) but I want to know what everyone thinks! There isnt a lot of cockroach paraphernalia out there and as a roach lover Ive been itching to get the pin, especially since last year I missed out on the plushie. Here's The Website's Link Id love to hear what you guys think! (i apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasnt really sure)
  3. I've noticed this on my hissers as well.
  4. I was thinking pretty much the exact same thing! It bugs me a little bit to see there isn't more of an educational part to it. I find that almost everybody I talk to about cockroaches thinks that theyre cool once they realize it's not the ones in their apartments lol. That was before I even had any of ny own. I volunteer for the girl scouts troop in my area and I love doing things like that with them, education really does create so much respect and tolerance even if they still dont like insects. Recently I brought my hissers over for the girls to watch because one of the mothers suggested that I talk to them about the hissers because of the zoo's things and they thought they were awesome!
  5. one of my male hissers has been active a lot more lately and i wanted to know if digging is normal for them. He is probably the healthiest of the four, but in all fairness Ive determined that my one roach named Cashew is a lot older. He comes from under his cork bark log thing, wanders around, and then goes to this one corner and just digs. sometimes he fills it in a little but he'll just dig for some time and then leave, returning an hour or so later. if i fill it in he does it again, only to the one corner. he also stands up in the corner as well. he cant climb up the side of the container but im working on finding some nice climby things for him and my other three roaches at a later date so they have something to ""play"" on. lol. i will attach pictures after i figure out how. (all roaches are seperated. heat is an average of 78°F and the humidity is around 60% with a light misting every few days. they eat fresh fruits, veggies, and some fish flakes every now and then. he has a cork bark log, an egg carton, and a rocky little food bowl that used to have insect water gel in it, but i didnt like that. he's on ecoearth.)
  6. Is it safe to out a Zoo Med heating mat (the one for a 1-5 gallon enclosure) on one of those Sterilite plastic tote containers?
  7. this picture is of the little hole he digs. it looks like it could fit a small egg in it (idk if that description helps to tell the size of the hole) *i apologize for the cat in the picture, all of them like to come out and watch the roaches when i take the enclosures down just to watch them and this seems to keep them from trying to jump on the shelves to get to the roaches*
  8. Hello! It's me again! every now and then my hissers lift their abdomens up and lower them, repeating it for a while before stopping and not doing it again. Theres no specific cycle but every couple of days one of the four will do it (they arent housed together btw) and I have no clue what's happening. Are they pooping? Are they trying to molt (probably not because two already did)? They cant see eachother and dont come in contact with eachother so I don't think theyre trying to fight anything. Its very strange to watch their little cockroach push ups. Info: each roach is a male gromphadorhina portentosa and housed seperately. they all have enclosures around 75°F and their humidity is 50%. I mist them twice a day but I think Im just going to keep a dry enclosure since they eat most of their fresh fruits and Im assuming theyre drinking from those.
  9. the cutest thing happened a few minutes ago. i was holding one of my hissers, chestnut and he was just sitting on my thumb hanging out, as hes known to do. i thought it would be funny to pick up a fish flake with tweezers and show it to him, since i always hold up their fruit before i feed it to them (just so they know what's on the menu ) and his antennae went crazy! he reached over and had his two front legs on the blunt tip makeup tweezers and then other legs were still holding onto my thumb and HE ACTUALLY ATE THE FISH FLAKE RIGHT OFF THE TWEEZERS i wish i was able to take a video but he was stretched between my two hands and i didnt want to drop him but it was sooooo funny! every night i take their enclosures off my shelf and let my cats watch them walk around in their tanks for a little bit. i give them salmon cat treats while they sit and watch this way they know not to jump on the shelf (it works! they wait patiently to watch the roaches, its like theyre watching tv) and i think the cats might have told him to eat the fish treats i will have to try it again tomorrow to see if i can get a picture!
  10. I just got my two male madagascar hissing cockroaches and Im super excited! Literally just took them out of the mail. They were a little cold so I put a slightly warm wet rag around (not touching) the cup they came in. They appear perfectly fine! Theyre currently in two makeshift homes (Tupperware container w holes in the lid and some eco earth on the bottom (misted!) with a little bit of pear on a tablespoon w 1/4 of a toilet paper tube to hide in) because the temporary home I had previously set up was too small for both of the males to be happy and not fighting. (they both have a little nip out of one antenna so i want them to relax apart for a little) they warmed up right away and started at the pears. The small of the two is very active and he was walking on my hand when I took him out of the cup, he wouldnt leave until I held out the pear. The slightly bigger one isnt as energetic and has been slowly walking around his short term home. I expected him to hiss at me when I picked him up but he didnt which Im concerned about. Even the little one did when he was on my hand. His coloring is a little bit lighter than the small onr and I was wondering if he might be ready to start molting? Is there a way to tell? I dont know if its their tiny roach personalities that are different or what but hopefully the lid for their big home comes soon so they can have more space! Im extremely happy that this community is here to help me take care of my new babies!!! Cant wait to watch them grow into big boy roaches! (they are only two months old according to the seller but the bigger one seems closer to three months) Thanks!
  11. I wish lol! Ive wanted hissing cockroaches since I was a little kid, Im so in love with them already and now that I have some Im even more in love 😍
  12. update!!! they both molted two days ago! They seem perfectly fine now!
  13. i apologize for not responding, i havent been online for personal reasons lately. their digital reader says 50% humidity and 80°F. when i mist them they just run around and hide, they dont seem to drink from the sides. their regular water source would be the misting, insect water gel, and i put in juicy foods like oranges that have been squished by my thumb.
  14. i misted the enclosure (not over the roaches or where they were sitting, more towards the wall and empty spaces of the tank) and they both when crazy, running all over the place. its the most active theyve ever been. I dont understand, this isnt the first time I've misted them
  15. oh my god do people actually try and pick it off them? thats sick! oh my god i would NEVER
  16. Maybe that's why hes having this problem, poor little guy. Yeah I measured him and hes so tiny thats why I assumed he was a sub-adult. I feel so awful for him. Thank you for all your help
  17. I have some natural cypress mulch at my house and I was planning on using it for my roaches (theyre coming tomorrow morning! so excited!) but one person said its toxic to them, something I havent heard before. Is it? And what should I get instead that wont hurt them?
  18. he walked over and stood up against an egg carton and this is what his underneath looks like. forgive me, i dont know too many terms for roach anatomy so im going to go off of human words lol his neck, part of his belly, and the areas around/between his legs are white and his back is still heaving. the crack down the middle looks longer than before. it's been a few days and it looks like the outer part is seperated more than before but he still wont break through. he seems perfectly fine besides this. i guess at this point this will be an experience thread for someone else :^/ poor baby
  19. heres an example, hes getting a lot darker. theres a little crack down his back and when he heaves the little sections seperate and I can see white. its been around a day and a half
  20. is there anything i can do to help them? i havent given them their heat pad yet would putting it on the container and getting them warmer help? ill try to take a picture of them
  21. they are both heaving and i can see white between their exoskeleton pieces but the shell part is turning black im terrified lmao is this normal