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  1. It is quite interesting; I would think a geneticist would be able to spew all kinds of interesting facts about the subject that I wouldn't understand. People are theorizing that the bedbug explosion is in-part due to the ability to inbreed. Found an old post where Matt K makes some assertions I have breeding rabbits for about a while. Inbreeding, or a lesser severity of inbreeding, called line breeding, has been happening with domestic animals for hundreds or even thousands of years. On the surface it doesn't seem to be as bad as I was lead to believe when I was younger. Even with wild rabbits and other animals, father-daughter breeding has quite common for probably millions of years. Now, if you try to graph the inbreeding, assuming an inbreeding coefficient of 1 is brother - sister, studies showed that within 8 to 10 generations of mice the bottleneck was dropping fertility. Note that brother and sister, while they share many genes, are still getting a different mix of the parent's genes so it takes multiple generations of brother-sister to approach a homozygous population. I think this is probably not happening a lot in multiple consecutive generations in our roach buckets so there is still a pool and some competition within the buckets, perhaps not a very diverse one but there is still some variability. And according to many opinions, I guess it may not matter much even if it did.
  2. It seems like Kyle is AFK. I haven't been able to reach him for weeks, and I hear others longer than that.
  3. Anyone heard about using pig chow for the roach chow base? I picked up some dubias from a friend and he uses a 50lb bag of pig pellets mixed with a little bit of Repashy food, I think it was 1tbsp crested gecko MRP per pound of pig chow. He gave me some and they go absolutely nuts over it, eating it faster than I ever seen them eat anything. I am looking at Family Farm Pig 14 (what they sell near me), looks like lots of good stuff in it (grains, molasses, alfalfa, lots of vitamins), but one thing that I find odd is it says it has extra copper. Its cheap at $16 for 50lbs. Anyone be worried about the extra copper?
  4. Errbody knows @Hisserdude is total roach gangster. Hiss 4 life dawg! A narcoleptic classmate of mine wondered for about a year why he had a bad gnat problem. He fogged his apartment multiple times to no avail. Then Thanksgiving came and he opened the oven and found... the turkey he cooked last year. Oh, beautiful photos @Xenoblatta
  5. I recently discovered my dubias and hissers will sometimes eat dried ash, willow, and pear leaves before eating some of the fresher foods. That tells me there is something in them that they need.
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but as a test I put some phorid fly larvae and uneaten pear in with a rove beetle and it gobbled up the larvae and some of the pear. So I put it in my dubia bin, but not sure where it went. The rove beetles seem to be on the move a lot. When I checked a month later, it was gone and still had a lot of phorid larvae, and surprisingly some other kind of beetle was in there instead. Now I just try to keep it clean, with very little frass and it is nicer to look at too. I serve food on cut up paper plates so I can throw it away if it is more than 3 days old. Also, if you youtube rove beetles you see they can be ferocious; I think they could easily kill a small nymph and have their fill and not bother with the grubs. I think I'll not try it again. They are cool beetles though.
  7. Interesting, and nice display! I've noticed Periplaneta americana doing that going crazy state at night right before a storm, I assumed with the dip in barometric pressure. Their parties were so loud they often woke me up. Ever notice a similar correlation?
  8. Thanks, I went for the 10lb block of coco on amazon prime. More than I can imagine ever needing, but its quite a deal. And my peat is frozen solid anyway. Will try it soon.
  9. Welcome, I am new here too, though had dubias for about 8 months and added a couple types of hissers recently. I enjoy the hissers more than the dubias, but love how practical the dubias are since they are feeders. I decided to try a few more from CCR since roachcrosssing is hibernating ATM. They are expected to arrive next week. I didn't see the " DIY Sterilite Gasket " thread, have to look for that
  10. Thanks for the opinions; I was thinking peat at first because I already have one of those giant bags that's been sitting outside partially open for 4 years, and I don't mind sterilizing it. After the gecko, I am going to add some roaches (next week) but if coconut is safer, I guess that's a good reason to spend a little more $. Then add fallen pear leaves on top.
  11. Well there are numerous posts in this forum about using peat and most say it is ok, with some reference to it harboring fungus if not pre-baked. My son is setting up his crested gecko-arium next week and I suggested peat; is it not a good? I was surprised the owner of the local herp shop didn't seem to know what peat was.