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    Hi everybody. My name is George and I'm a freelance writer and author living in the Midwest USA. I kept bugs more than a decade ago -- a couple tarantulas, some scorpions, and a fish tank full of hissers. I was working on a bug-related project recently and fell down the rabbit hole while doing research online. After perusing bug sites for untold hours, writing about a guy who keeps a bunch of them in his bedroom, I had to get some of my own. I chose Gramphadorhina portentosa as an entry point because of my familiarity with the species, their easy availability, and the fact that I can feed them things that are already on my grocery list. There aren't any local shops that sell feeder insects, so I didn't want a carnivore. Plus, my girlfriend was slightly more amenable to roaches than a giant spider. Just slightly. She's still squicked out. I'm surprised by the lack of information online about these bugs. Google searches and the Kindle books I've checked out seem to have the same short set of facts, and didn't come close to answering all the questions that have come up almost immediately. This forum, which I found through a link on Bugs in Cyberspace, has already been the most helpful resource I've discovered. I look forward to learning more and hopefully sharing some of my own observations about these awesome critters.