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  1. Beautiful!
  2. Nice!
  3. Yummy orange snacks for the gang.
  4. What species is it?
  5. Welcome wodesorel! Yes they are hissers alright but different from G. Portentosa. Just lift up the body part and avoid the legs if in case you have a sensitive skin. Their home looks natural.
  6. Awesome photos!
  7. Certified insect lover!
  8. I have noticed that my Dubias breed and multiply fast when I give them a varied diet of chicken pellets and fruits.
  9. Hi

  10. Yes its a roach.
  11. This specie is no longer with me. I decided to exterminate them because the adults fly and climb smooth surfaces which is a nuisance.
  12. Welcome Oscar!
  13. The smaller one is cool.
  14. Does the normal lobster roach do this too? I've got to observe this one on my colony.
  15. Fellow arachnid hobbyist here. Good collection you got there.