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  1. Very cool, I'm glad the library was willing to pick up the title.
  2. Yeah I recall talking to him about it. I don't think anyone has them at this time. Hopefully some more can be collected again but I'm not holding my breath just yet.
  3. They don't take much room, they love crowding lol. At anyrate they really are a fun species.
  4. How often do you water (or heavily mist) their enclosure?
  5. Nice, I'm excited to see how they do and also I'm glad to let you work out the husbandry kinks for the rest of us. Lol! (I'm totally not a lazy keeper, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhush!)
  6. These are on my want list because of how similar they are to Periplaneta in appearance lol. They are such a pretty roach. How many nymphs do you have at this stage?
  7. We can revive it and I can delete this. Doesn't matter, just love this genus lol. Also editing in the titles made some images poof and I don't know why. Weird.
  8. Let's see some Periplaneta! I love roachy roaches. Post your pics along with these! Periplaneta fuligonosa, the only ones that don't have adults yet. Periplaneta americana (White eye morph) Periplaneta americana (regular morph CB) Periplaneta americana (regular morph WC) Periplaneta brunnea Periplaneta australasiae Apparently I have a mite issue. Bleh.
  9. Nearly all of my invertebrates will react to moving lights regardless of the color. But it could be related to the red itself, sometimes red filters don't remove all the visible wavelengths. Zoo Meds red bulbs for instance are red glass instead of red lacquer (except the spots I think) like the cheaper bulbs and typically aren't visible...but again, if I move the fixture they still react, albeit not much compared to white light.
  10. I'll see what pics I can grab shortly lol.
  11. I like the tangent this has taken. You're doomed @Hisserdude