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  1. Hissers should work for the geckos assuming they are tokay sized, turtles like Hissers too.
  2. Blaberus species work well...
  3. I'm still puzzled by the fact a non climbing roach some how climbed out of an enclosure.... I still don't think they are truly red runners....
  4. Where are you located country and climate wise, red runners cannot infest a home unless your in the tropics, I'm guessing your finding Periplaneta species, which do infest homes on occasion, preventing access to food and water sources will drive them out. Also red runners cannot climb either, so I think you don't have true "red runners" either. @Hisserdude
  5. Ants Canada is great for getting information, and products for ant keeping.
  6. No fruit or veggies, only dog food and lower temperature will do it.
  7. It's unlikely it will be viable at all, but there's no harm in trying, from my research I'm under the impression that if an ooth is compromised in any way, it's basically a loss.
  8. Well they made it just in time, a few more hours would have cost this guy it's life.
  9. That is a Periplaneta americana. I've seen a few with that color scheme. I'm surprised it had, and then lost it's balls for being day active... Breeding these guys for color And size maybe kinda fun. If your still in the area, perhaps it's time to roach hunt.
  10. Considering I was trying to line breed for size and color this is a setback for that particular efforts, especially since the female nymphs that died appeared to have been above average in size.
  11. Well they have arrived but heavy casualties were suffered. I lost two of my Periplaneta americana nymphs, the large males and the two adults females are alive. All the adult females of the Australian roaches survived but two or four of the nymphs died, but I still have over six Ozzies. The Surinames were hit the hardest, I'm down to six adults, and one nymph. And one female is in the process dying and aborting an ooth. I have her by watermelon in hopes she can possibly rehydrate herself. I did manage to find some ooth or each of the Periplaneta species, and have them in their respective enclosures. The survivors are currently eating the watermelon and food, so I'm hopeful that the colonies will survive. Though I'm likely going to have to buy some females of the Periplaneta americana and Australian roaches to bolster the numbers.
  12. Well some ok news, it should arrive tomorrow, and they will arrive before "average" Florida temps get here. Right now it's only mid 70s low 80s. The package is only one hour away from my location. Will keep ya posted.
  13. I paid 50.00 bucks too what a pos preformance. #mostexpensiveperiplanetaever
  14. It's going to be another 48 hours later. RIP roaches, I'm sure the scorpion will be fine. #NoMorePeriplanetaForTleilaxu