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  1. Still waiting on the details to get the smuggling operation underway. I don't want to move money to PayPal unless I'm gonna use it. #PeriplanetaForHisserDude
  2. I'm guessing someone needs to head to where they have been found in New York and catch a lot of them...
  3. Indeed, he just needs the proper "motivation" to get these most glorious of roaches.
  4. It's fine, can't have too many Periplaneta threads. Glad to see some REAL roaches
  5. Done, pm me the details and I will wire the funds to pay for this. Deadly serious.
  6. I will help foot the bill for such a noble cause. @vfox it's time for pics of your collection, I'm going through Periplaneta withdrawal.
  7. I've found several Periplaneta species in the house while I was down in Florida, most were on the verge of dying due to dehydration and starvation. Some were to far gone to save. A majority of the ones I caught were outside. Blattella is a lot more hardy.
  8. So are Periplaneta, but I don't see you keeping them. Congratulations on the babies.
  9. I'd get some Periplaneta species, or red runners, the "roachy roaches" are interesting captives as well, with Periplaneta americana having a very bold personality. And to think a few short months ago I was nervous about keeping them.
  10. I had a tarantula named General Bald Ass, so those names work. Bitchface was a name given to my pokie after he bit me, Karma got him though, when his mate ate him.
  11. Exactly, they aren't as robust as the hype portrays them. I've never seen them up north. I doubt the Australian roaches could even survive long term outside their cages in more northern states, unless there were mitigating circumstances, like a greenhouse or many potted plants for example... @All About Insects You will be fine, unless you deliberately try to assist them outside their cages lol.
  12. I also found them to be more out going. @Hisserdude it's the fact that you don't keep them, that makes you uncultured.
  13. You have amazing taste in roaches, too bad @Hisserdude is so uncultured. Any other Periplaneta species planned? Periplaneta americana, are a good choice if you want a bolder roach species. And of course there are other less common ones.
  14. Are flat roaches becoming a thing? If they blow up, we all get the pleasure of being where it all started. LOL
  15. I've never noticed any change in activities due to weather changes, but I've always caught the most either before or a few hours after a rainstorm. But Periplaneta species are some of my favorite roaches.
  16. I like the first picture.
  17. Yup, cold is safer than hot temperatures with these guys, I'm glad you got red runners. Looking forward to pics.
  18. Just needs a few more things, such as heating pads, some small amount of substrate, and of course proper ventilation. And by soon I mean in @CodeWilster time.
  19. Making a list, checking it twice, going to find out what @Hisserdude does not have in his inventory. If I could have my way, I'd get three Periplaneta species.
  20. I've never had much luck trapping roaches, catching them by hand was easier. Also American roaches make cheeky captives, so consider keeping them as well.
  21. Happy birthday, now, show us the buggos. I'm sure they will be fine in a 29 gal right off the bat.
  22. It's been a very long while since I posted here. Anyways here is my first roach colony. Due to the exceedingly small photo upload size restrictions this is the only way I can show you detailed pics. I can't even upload my smallest pics.
  23. It's up to you to keep Periplaneta species now. @Hisserdude