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  1. Hi, which food is better for the roaches? cat food pellets or dog food pellets or chicken food pellets or fish food pellets? i do feed my roaches with dog food pellets, fruit and veggies,, but i don´t know if the dog food pellets are the best for my roaches. Thanks.
  2. Joe´s apartment movie.
  3. Oggy and the Cockroaches movie.
  4. La Cucaracha song lyrics in the next link: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=951972
  5. What you had said have sense, maybe this is a way of to mark a territory by the male.
  6. Hisserdude, Redmont and Matttoadman, many thanks for your replies, regards.
  7. Hi, in what bins the roaches are they more prolific, inside the small bins (27 Qt or less) or inside the big bins (more than 27 Qt) ? thanks.
  8. Distaff, thanks for your reply. Regards.
  9. Hi, to have roaches for the roaches themselves? i mean not only to have them lonely as live food, but yes as true pets themselves. I mean for love to the roaches. Thanks.
  10. Bufo Bill, thanks for your reply. Regards.
  11. stanislas, thanks for your reply, regards.
  12. Matttoadman, Redmont, Hisserdude, BlattaAnglicana, All About Insects, Friday and Tleilaxu. Many thanks for your replies. Regards.
  13. Hisserdude, Redmont, and Betta132, thanks for your replies, regards.
  14. nepenthe, thanks for your reply.
  15. Hi all, i have three roach colonies, one is of hissers, other is of lobsters, and the last is of red runners. I have noticed that the colonies of hissers and lobsters don´t have a particular smell, but the red runners colony (turkistan roaches) do have a particular pungent smell. Also i am interested in to purchase soon a colony of dubia roaches. my question is: the dubia roaches do have a particular smell too? or they don´t have it? thanks, regards, Roberto.
  16. Matttoadman, thanks for your reply.
  17. Tleilaxu and Guest AlexW, thanks for your replies.
  18. Guest AlexW and Redmont, thanks for your replies. Regards.
  19. Hi, anyone had noted this hissing behaviour in the lobster roaches when they are pick with the hands ?? The mature lobster roaches do it as same as the madagascan ones, but the hissing of the lobster roaches is done in a low volume range in comparission to their african cousins, maybe as a self defense method against their predators. Thanks.
  20. Hi, when you know that you need to do adjustments of the quantities of individuals inside of the breeder cages ?? I mean, how to know when you need to add more males or females ?? As example, you start hypothetically wit a radio of 5:1 of females:males, and so you start with around of 500 females and 100 males within the same bin. But a few months after happened that many of the individuals had died inside the bin, and also has been eated by their own neighbours there. So you cannot know how much males or females had died because many of their corpses actually disappeared. But anyway you are quite unable of to know how much breeder females or males were lost during all these few months because you cannot counting them each time you open this breeder bin. And so, your initial radio of 5:1 has becomed actually disbalanced, and also the breeding potential of this bin actually is under its minimum. But worst, in the real numbers actually you don´t know how much males or females you must add to the bin for to restore its right balance inside. How must be fixed this issue ?? thanks in advance for your commentaries !!
  21. Hi, please can you share pictures of enclosures for both Periplaneta & German roaches ?? Pictures of both big & small enclosures please !! Many thanks in advance !!
  22. Hi, please help for to ID this Scolo founded today under a pot in a garden located on the edges of mexico city, thanks in advance.
  23. Hi Peter, greetings again! thanks for your commentary, long time ago since the last time we contacted. Once i did e-mailed to your parents to the e-mail you gave me a some years ago, with the purpose of to send them a few of ova as a gift of E tiaratum, and i told them i knew you in the live insect keeping hobby, but i haven`t reply. I remember you commented me that your parents actually keeps living invertebrates as are mexican moths and anothers local bugs. This species of giant Scolo is the most seen in the central area of Mexico, but i don`t know if it actually have a scientific name. This species may reach around of the 3 to 4 inches large. Thanks, regards.
  24. Hi, please help for to ID this nymph founded today under a pot in a garden located on the edges of mexico city, thanks in advance.
  25. Hi Zephyr, thanks for your help, here another picture for to improve their ID. Since today this roach will live in one of my colonies of B lateralis, hopeing she do it well living there. Thanks, regards.