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  1. Haha cool, I don't know if it'll stick or not, but it's the name I'm using for the time being! (Until someone comes up with something better).
  2. All you gotta do is ask LOL! Cool, hopefully this species will become well established in the US hobby!
  3. Thanks, me too! IDK, I just made that up, rudis, rude...
  4. Got a sexed pair of nymphs and a pair of adults from @wizentrop, this may be one of the most unique roach species in my collection, hopefully they will breed for me! Nymph: Adult male: So happy to have this species in my collection, they are just so cool looking!!!
  5. Just received 6 nymphs in the mail today from @wizentrop, they are so neat looking, and bigger than I thought they would be! Let's hope they'll do well for me! Here are some pictures of a nymph: So cute right!?
  6. I made a trade with @CodeWilster for a group of these beauties, I received several nymphs and a few adults too, hopefully they'll breed well for me! Here are some pictures of an adult:
  7. What a bunch of idiots right!? I mean, a cockroach life cycle chart isn't complete without showing off the pupal stage, duh!
  8. Ah, yeah that kinda sucks lol, but I'm sure it's worth it in the long run! At least, if you are passionate about them that is!
  9. Huh, that's good to know, not AS time consuming and needy as I thought then!
  10. Like, will they eat just lettuce?
  11. There is if you don't have the time or interest in providing them with proper host plants!
  12. I would also pick some sort of Orthopteran, though I prefer carnivores, like Neobarrettia sp. for example.
  13. Haha yeah, sucks that it ends up killing them, bright blue isopods would be amazing!
  14. Alright, so it's very likely she's just old then, loss of tarsi and weaker jaws are typical signs of old age.