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  1. First off, welcome to the forum! Nice, Byrsotria are cool, bulky roaches, they definitely are a good pet choice! Haha we've all had our shipping mishaps when it comes to receiving new inverts, @All About Insects recently had a couple roach orders get stuck for almost a couple weeks in the mail! (And they still survived!). Handling is one of the most fun aspects of this hobby IMO, unfortunately it's not something that can easily be done with every species, (and I wouldn't recommend it with a lot of the smaller, more fragile species), but with the larger ones it's very easy! Big, somewhat slow Blaberids like Byrsotria in particular are great for handling. I've been keeping isopods for a while, but have recently become much more interested in them, what with all these new species and color morphs entering culture, Isopodculture is like the new Blatticulture! Nice choices, hope both continue to do well for you! If you want to upload bigger, full sized images on the forum, you'll need to download them to some other website and copy the url from there and put it into your posts. Seems like your new pets are in excellent hands, keep us updated on their progress!
  2. Good to know lol, the more the merrier! That's crazy, no wonder some keepers have started using them as occasional feeders! Luckily my pair seem to spend almost all of their time underground, whereas my other Gyna are always trying to fly away. This may change once my culture gets bigger though...
  3. For those who were following this thread, Alex wanted me to tell you all that the injured Cotinis died on it's own, and he is now preparing it as a dried specimen, as it looks like it's in perfect condition, now that the genitalia have ripped off cleanly.
  4. Well I don't know about insects, but they did studies on crabs recently, and determined that they do feel pain. If crabs can feel pain, it seems likely that insects can too.
  5. Sinella curviseta is the species that I would recommend for Archimandrita, however I'm not sure they sell them in Europe... Any large, prolific species will do, maybe ask some of the roach breeders in Germany and ask if they have any good springtail strains available. I would definitely recommend increasing the size of the moist area, however some species are rather hardy, and as long as there is always moisture available in one area, they will spread around and live in the dry parts as well, (like Sinella curviseta).
  6. Wow, pretty!
  7. The lesser mealworms would do well in your Archimandrita tank, but I worry about them stressing the roaches out. Springtails would be better for the roaches, and in combination with reduced feeding, can get rid of all the mites. What do the mites look like BTW? Can you describe them?
  8. Oh jeez, that sucks. Perhaps smashing it very quickly may be better then freezing, if freezing is indeed painful? It sounds horrible, I know, but it is quick. Like place it down and drop a large rock or cinderblock on it?
  9. Good, glad she hasn't reproduced! No problem, happy to help!
  10. Thanks, they are really stunning, can't wait until the rest mature!
  11. Yeah, she's a beauty!
  12. So long as they got lots of fruit available and are kept warm, your colony should explode eventually! Not exactly sure how long this particular species takes to reproduce and develop, I've never kept dubias before.
  13. Really excited for that room tour!
  14. One of my females has matured and OMG is she gorgeous!!!
  15. One of my females is finally mature, should have a couple more adult females and some adult males soon as well! I swear, individuals of this species almost always try to eat me when I handle them!