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  1. First off, welcome to the forum! I keep my P.nigra in a plastic storage container I got at a Dollar tree, the lid is pretty tight and I've no escapees at all, this species prefers to stay below the substrate anyway. For the G.oblongonata I'd recommend something like this type of container, the lid is completely airtight and escape proof, and my hissers never got out of it. Neither of those species could infest your house BTW, the P.nigra would dry up fast, and the hissers could survive in your home for maybe a week at the most depending on the age of the roach before drying out or starving.
  2. Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to establish them in culture here in the US, I hear they can be challenging to maintain over multiple generations. Thanks!
  3. I received 5 oothecae of this beautiful and rare species in the mail a few weeks ago, and one of them hatched last night into twelve cute little nymphs! Here are some pictures of them! Oothecae: Nymphs:
  4. Amazing collection man!
  5. Really I think all these rules regarding importing roaches are silly, people still do it so the laws obviously aren't working that great, and so far none of the species introduced into the pet trade seem to have established themselves in the US, and if there are some that have then they haven't made a huge impact on the environment here. I really think it should be legal to import from Europe and other countries, banning it just fuels the blackmarket and has not stopped new species from entering the hobby at all. I've collected in state parks.... hope that was legal lol!
  6. Well there are threads that do discuss what is legal and what is not, this thread however was just discussing the best way to illegally smuggle roaches into the US, which is a subject that is taboo to discuss publicly. Truth is, without the proper permits, (which are almost impossible for most hobbyists to get), there are pretty much no legal ways to import roaches from other countries.
  7. Lol no, it's because it's illegal and the Admins don't want the USDA shutting down the forum...
  8. No problem, hope my answer was of some help at least.
  9. Good! Hope they become more common eventually!
  10. Huh, well then maybe try pouring water into the substrate rather than spraying it, so it really soaks into the substrate. Or try using those water crystals and see if they help retain humidity.
  11. Yeah, I think I let conditions get too humid in their old enclosure, and then the population of grain mites exploded! I rehoused them to a coconut fiber setup and haven't had a problem since. Well I don't have any reptile or amphibian pets, I only use the mealworms for feeding other carnivorous invertebrates.
  12. Welcome to the forum, looks like you already got a decent collection! The wish list just keeps growing BTW, as does the list of species in culture.
  13. Yeah, don't think that would work well with roaches, they need more moisture than what would be acceptable in an enclosure with a grain as the substrate. Honestly I don't even like using that method for mealworms, I got two shoeboxes full of the things and I just use coconut fiber as a substrate and feed them dog food etc in little food bowls, I had big problems with grain mites when I kept them on oatmeal...
  14. Yeah most people keep them with no substrate, TBH I have no idea if they clean their containers or not, or how often they do so.