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  1. How could I have even done anything to that poor roach lol, I live across the country from you! Looks like a simple molting issue, the wings didn't develop properly for some reason. And it may just be starving/severely dehydrated as well, thus the shrunken abdomen.
  2. No new roaches, just two new beetle species and a cool arachnid I've been wanting for a while now...
  3. I'll try to get some pictures of them soon... Getting some new inverts this week though, so I'll be focusing on those first.
  4. The P.surinamensis would definitely eradicate the other two Pycnoscelus species, which are a lot slower breeding. Also, I think they wouldn't even make good tank mates with other, larger roaches, because they would out compete the smaller nymphs of those species. P.surinamensis is a really prolific and competitive species, they don't play nice with others.
  5. Funny how the sticker that says "Bugarium" shows two beetle species that are highly illegal to keep here in the US... The little goblins would be a good choice, Panchlora would probably like this setup as well, and fit your description nicely.
  6. I know, they are adorable, one of my favorite species in my collection now! (I have a lot of favorites...) Haha, now that you mention it, I can totally imagine that music being in a Ghibli film!
  7. Oh I do, I have a nice sized colony with lots of adults.
  8. You should definitely get some, they are very cute and not too skittish either!
  9. Adult male: Adult female:
  10. Nymph eating me: Nymph eating chick feed on me: Nymphs eating chick feed in food bowl:
  11. No, mine stay underground almost all the time, before and after making an oothecae. They only ever seem to come up to feed. Thanks! Thanks! Yeah, these guys take forever to mature, and the ooths also take a long time to develop, definitely worth it though!
  12. Woohoo, congrats man!
  13. Oh, weird, I couldn't access it previously, but your link works. Glad it's still up!
  14. I think the males of Ectobius are probably naturally short lived compared to the females, it's certainly the case with several other Ectobiids. Hope they breed for you, no one here in the US has really figured out how to successfully breed Ectobius yet!
  15. This species is pretty laid back compared to some others, Periplaneta are way crazier than these guys! You could possibly acclimate them to handling over time, the more you handle them the more they may get used to it, IDK.