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  1. That's odd, wonder why they keep losing tarsi then...?
  2. Beautiful strain of this species that has dark red wings as adults, got a group of nymphs from @Cariblatta lutea yesterday! Here are pics of some of the nymphs:
  3. Finally, one of my ooths hatched!!!
  4. Hopefully he still has some and just hasn't put them on the site yet due to him waiting for the culture to grow more.
  5. Awesome, it's definitely a book worth getting, hopefully it'll arrive it your library quickly!
  6. I think @CodeWilster was keeping them, not sure if they've bred for him or not...
  7. Good to know! That species and the Black x White-eyed Periplaneta americana are actually on my wish list, both are very cool!
  8. Yes, but only for one generation, which I can deal with I suppose! I've just got WAY too many new acquisitions planned this year to dedicate a whole breeding enclosure to Periplaneta now.
  9. Every three days, (like with all my collection), and I just mist them. Think I may need to add more ventilation though, which may make the enclosure dry out faster, we'll see!
  10. Just got 4 nymphs from the man himself, Orin McMonigle. They are very beautiful, and very skittish. I was only able to get a few good pictures, here they are: This was what most of the photoshoot was like:
  11. Supposedly high and consistent moisture levels and good ventilation are needed to keep them happy, that's where I think I went wrong last time, I allowed the top layer of substrate to dry out in between waterings.
  12. No, I really do think it can, that's what worries me... Well, ya'll can send me as many Periplaneta as you want, but you can't stop me from separating each sex to avoid breeding them!!!
  13. Well hopefully the mold and such will help degrade them for you!
  14. No, I know I don't LOL! Like getting Alan to smuggle them into my house?
  15. Haha well the adults are a noticeable stouter in appearance, and the nymphs are much more attractive than Periplaneta nymphs IMO! But yeah the adults superficially look a lot like P.australasiae! About two dozen, so I'm hoping to get a large amount of offspring from them! (If I can get their ooths to hatch that is...).
  16. These are the same generation as those hatchlings in the above post, they're all grown up now! (Or nearly so at least!).
  17. Just got some of these little roaches from @Cariblatta lutea, really hope they breed well for me! Here are pictures of some presub-adult nymphs:
  18. Me neither, but Orin states it multiple times in his books, and I've personally had small grain mite infestations from using fallen leaves that are too fresh.
  19. "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter!", the new name for my Compsodes colony!
  20. Took some pictures of my largest male today, here he is:
  21. Received 6 of these in a trade with Alan Grosse, (who's got an awesome new website), man are they beautiful! Hopefully they'll do well for me, I know they aren't the easiest of the Spanish isopods for sure!
  22. My nymphs are about half grown now, can't wait until I have adults again!
  23. These guys are still doing very well for me, here are some more pictures:
  24. More female pictures: And an (infertile) ooth: Oh how I wish I had a male for them!