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  1. If you keep adults below 72F you'll probably never see a nymph but they can grow at cooler temps. Like Blaberus giganteus, some adults die within a day of molting. It is one of the best species! Good luck.
  2. AST

    Please explain the value of this thread.
  3. I've only seen maybe 30 adults and on those the males were always orange and the females gray. On the pictures in this thread the male is the orange one. I'm curious how often the colors don't match genders on Alan's stock.
  4. I thought the orange were the males? (At least on adults I've seen - compare the uropods)
  5. I had a massive colony for a few years and then they died out.
  6. I have often wondered if I'll still enjoy my inverts when my eyesight is gone or nearly so. Glad to hear you're enjoying them.
  7. They may be smaller than you think and they are difficult to contain. I use a deli-cup with a screen lid for the culture.
  8. I don't think adult female pallids produce young in less than six weeks, let alone two. How many adult female's do you have?
  9. Blaberus giganteus is a very neat one.
  10. Blaberus fusca.
  11. That will work.
  12. I have a rather old but very small culture. I use them to feed amblypygids now and then.
  13. Are you looking to rear feeders, cleaners, or pets?
  14. I've never used an oak leaf so that can't be it.
  15. I get the FB notifications for the isopod group and classifieds and haven't noticed anyone in the US selling them.