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  1. Lubbers are relatively simple, there are some articles on keeping them in older invert-mags. However, Brachystola aren't easy to get hatchlings from.
  2. My biggest display tank is for Blaberus giganteus and I have seen some fantastic massive displays for this species at insect zoos.
  3. Location: in a soft log, solid log, tree hole, compost pile, mulch, soil
  4. Pictures don't always work but the location (food preference) can be used to identify most.
  5. The list of species includes experiences with a few Panesthia species in addition to Macropanesthia but does not go into detail on panesthiinae taxonomy or list every species and subspecies. The table of contents is not broken down into genera or subfamilies.
  6. maybe six months
  7. It will be difficult to come up with something neater than white Panchlora, not that you can't do it.
  8. That is a very handsome looking species but I have Lucihormetica males with horns that are as large.
  9. I didn't say there were no cool bugs, and yes if the regulations are on the books you take some risk catching or displaying CA inverts, even if the same species is from another state and you don't have iron-clad evidence. I'm glad they don't have that in my state; I would be arrested when the see the massive collection of dead insects stuck to the front of my car.
  10. No. Fish and Game is about wild animals and there are surprisingly not that many cool insects in CA.
  11. Fish and game claims all authority over the animals living outdoors in your state.
  12. They are not too difficult but they are a bit different from standard terrestrial isopods. The biggest difference is the babies need to have their own area to grow up.
  13. There is an exception to every generalization or common experience. There are many good methods for breeding and things that kill various inverts but you'd never find every possibility.
  14. Adult Gymnetis have a really cool nutty smell but the larvae are odorless, sounds like spoiled substrate or something else in the cage.
  15. I'm wrapping up an article on these for I-M. Anyone have any interesting info on them I might not know? For those who aren't familiar, this is one of the big Spanish species that is becoming common in the hobby. Of course the coloration is the primary attraction.