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  1. Thanks to a number of members we now have a pretty cool book on keeping pet cockroaches of the size (coffee table) and quality (hardcover and color pics) these fantastic pets deserve. https://www.amazon.com/Love-Cockroaches-Husbandry-Biology-Blattodea/dp/1616463368 Thanks!!
  2. Allpet Roaches

    Spirostreptus sp. Hybridization Possibility?

    What is "green fairy tail"? I don't think you'd have much to worry about since the unidentified "Spirostreptus" often available are probably not that closely related and may simply be spirostreptids from a different genus.
  3. Allpet Roaches

    Simandoa Conserfariam - please help me

    I would guess the females live about 18 months after reaching maturity and the males a little less.
  4. Allpet Roaches

    Introducing new hissers to an existing colony

    If the males fight it wont matter how long they have to get used to each other first. Usually the fights are harmless.
  5. Allpet Roaches

    Polyphaga saussurei nymphs moving synchronous

    That is a great species.
  6. Allpet Roaches

    ID help needed

    Looks more like a discoid, fusca are more elongated.
  7. Allpet Roaches

    Hey From NY!

    Welcome! Hopefully you can expand out that roach list!
  8. Allpet Roaches

    Mysterious Blaberus Colosseus Nymph Death

    Sometimes one dies for no reason. If the other one dies then it is something about the current setup.
  9. Allpet Roaches

    Articles for Invertebrates-Magazine requested

    Any invertebrate topic would probably be good though most articles are species accounts related to husbandry. Normal length is 1200-2000 words. The audience is adult invert enthusiasts. Scientific accounts are great but detailed anecdotes may be just as interesting. Additional photographs or charts are great but not required.
  10. Articles primarily on husbandry for various invertebrates are needed for future issues. Articles on tarantulas, centipedes, and scorpions are especially needed. Share your successes!! Unlike most journals there is no cost to publish and free copies or subscriptions are provided to authors who provide accepted articles. In addition to invertebrate husbandry, articles have included invertebrate biology, venoms, field collecting, enclosure design, etc.
  11. Allpet Roaches

    Can all members of Therea interbreed?

    It might be a good experiment.
  12. Allpet Roaches

    Roach Jelly/beatle Jelly for hissers

    It is a great supplementary food but probably would fail miserably if used as the only food. No worries about overfeeding it.
  13. Allpet Roaches

    Articles for Invertebrates-Magazine requested

    Still looking for articles
  14. Allpet Roaches

    What is "Therea bernhardti"?

    Both are currently valid species though if synonymized in the future petiveriana would be the only correct name. The difference for the description is the color of the hind wings.
  15. Allpet Roaches

    Mulberry, grape, fig, hibiscus leaves?

    I use a mix of all sorts of hardwood tree leaves. Hibiscus flowers are decent food for various roaches.
  16. Allpet Roaches

    Are these things suitable for an enclosure?

    I'm sure they're fine as a small part of the diet.
  17. Allpet Roaches

    Are these things suitable for an enclosure?

    And this is where I digress... walnuts contain copper and if eaten as the only food for long enough might be harmful in the same way too much iron can be harmful to humans.
  18. Allpet Roaches

    Cubaris questions

    The C. murina stock were collected in Florida. They do fine at room temperature and with mostly closed containment (they don't require ventilation levels some species need).
  19. Allpet Roaches

    Are these things suitable for an enclosure?

    I think as decoration they'd be relatively safe since your pets are unlikely to eat a naturally occuring seed/nut/pod that is harmful to them.
  20. Allpet Roaches

    Chrysomelid larvae

    Chrysomelids are almost never kept. I've only seen larvae of a few different species a few times in my life. These are from the biggest species in my area (1/2"). This is a '"common" species but I'm not certain I've ever seen the larvae before except in photos. Last time I found some chrysomelid larvae was about ten years ago. They were on a small cottonwood or aspen tree and I went back to grab some the next day, but something had eaten them.
  21. Allpet Roaches

    Are these bad?

    Did you figure out what these came from? Does seem like something leftover from a food item.
  22. Allpet Roaches

    Powdery Blues vs. Zebras?

    They can coexist for years in the same culture container but the pruinosus tend to breed much faster.
  23. Allpet Roaches

    Forum Downtime

    sorry to hear you had a collecting trip to remember.
  24. Allpet Roaches

    Forum Downtime