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  1. Well thanks. Anyway, those sound self-made. But someone here on the forum new of some escape-proof containers that Walmart sells. Plastic I believe. Unfortunately, it was many months ago and don't remember who. Maybe at was Razias but he lives in France I'm pretty sure. Hopefully, the person will see this.
  2. I have German. You think the holes would be tiny enough for the nymphs not to get through?
  3. A few months ago, someone on the forum mentioned some crates they have at Walmart that would be better for housing the roaches than tanks. Can anyone think of what these would be?
  4. They are really pretty especially the one on your finger. What's is meant by cultivating?
  5. Correct. That's one reason roaches are so appealing to me is that at least with the common species, they aren't bloodthirsty like spiders. Of course, I'm not a scientist. Just a sentimental insect/animal lover.
  6. As far as I can see, roaches aren't hunters. I believe as with rodents, roaches eat other insects when no other food is available or just when they encounter them randomly. They are primarily scavengers.
  7. Can those 5 liter shoe boxes keep Germans in that you know?
  8. sorry to hear about your first colony. I've had that happen first with Madagascans. Couldn't get them to eat and had trouble keeping them warm. Then several times I tried keeping crickets and each time they all died even though I tried to give them a good amount of water plus provided soil for their eggs. Though insects can be the least demanding of pets, they can be the most tricky to care for since so little knowledge/help is available.
  9. Congradulations! By the way, I've read somewhere that cucumber peel is a roach repellent. Do you peel it first before giving it to them?
  10. We will see. There is a local girl who took two of the older ones Sunday. I'll see how many she wants from the second litter once they're old enough. There's about 12 in the batch. Oh, and thanks for the offer.
  11. Thanks for the compliment and all Tom. I'm hoping people members who live in New York or surrounding states like Penn, Jersey, or NNew England will see this and be interested. Your information is helpful too. My sister was suggesting I ask the vet for a refund.
  12. That's true, but I've asked every person imaginable for over a month. Plus pet shops are pretty full of them and would probably use them for feeders or sell them to people who would. If I can find a humane, legal way to ship them would you want one?
  13. Well, I'm not sure but the pet shop I got them from gets them from Ohio somehow. I probably wouldn't charge. My pay is knowing they would be well cared for. How many would you want?
  14. This topic is somewhat unrelated to roaches, but I have a real problem that I know you'll all understand. I have two pet mice who I was told were both girls. But they had two litters of babies. My vet obviously can't tell the difference or the second litter wouldn't have come. Anyway, I need to find good homes for several of them. Please no feeders!! They're to precious for that. Let's see. I have two gray and one brown up for adoption now. The second litter will be old enough in about 2 weeks. The second are really dazzeling with multicolors. So are any of you interested in having one as a pet? Or anyone else you know? Again, no feeders. Thank you.
  15. Ive never heard of that species, sorry. But best of luck!