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  1. The domain name is still available.
  2. Thanks on behalf of all forum members to Redmont for becoming a Forum Supporter!
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  5. Thanks! I appreciate that. It was my first one, but I think after a few more times I could probably learn to enjoy it as much as I do emails and such.
  6. They pushed the show back an hour due to Verizon working at the cables so the show goes on at 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST.
  7. How do you guys play Pokemon if you don't have a phone? I just got my Scizor the other day.
  8. Celebrate Earth Day with me on Empire State Reptiles Live (internet radio). I'll be on the show this Saturday at 3:30 PM, PST (6:30 PM, EST). I guess they're going to interview me about my experiences in the pet bug hobby and if people call in we'll take calls. Listen here:
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  11. Yeah, I totally forgot to put the banner back up for a week. I got a little sidetracked finding the right shade of orange I guess. Was sort of trying to match the color on the cover of Orin's Allpet Roaches book.
  12. That all makes sense but how does he stay away from Roachforum for this long? He loves it here! Doesn't the saying go, "Home is where the Hisser is?" I have to check my email like every five minutes or I go insane.
  13. I fixed the signature area issue here on this forum. Thanks for catching that. Please note that we only allow 4 lines of text per signature area. There are some offenders in this very thread. The reason for this, you ask? It prevents excessive scrolling. For example, let's say somebody just threw in the word "thanks" and then had a signature line that was 12 lines long. That would take up most of the entire viewing window of my laptop. Admittedly, all the members of this forum are great and we never have issues with anybody and rules are loosely enforced.
  14. I've written to him 3 times in the past couple weeks, as well. I got an auto-reply that he was going to be at a reptile show or something 2 to 3 weeks ago but then he simply didn't reply to my last 2 emails after that. Still hoping to get a message back. Usually he's rather quick to respond, though usually he writes me first, I guess. It is encouraging to know I'm not the only one.
  15. The forum is back up and running. It will take a few days to iron out the details and changes. Thank you for your patience. Please use this section of the forum to ask any questions, criticize the changes, praise them, etc.