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  1. The domain name is still available.
  2. Here's a general frame of reference for telling us a bit about yourself. Please feel free to completely disregard the suggested questions and just Be You! 1. Do you currently raise any roaches? 2. If so, how many? 3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders? 4. If feeders, what kinds? 5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community? 6. How did you find our community? Thanks for joining Allpet Roaches!
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  4. The original Allpet Roaches Forum saw its first post on September 16th, 2000. In 2007 I helped Orin McMonigle (Allpet Roaches) move the forum to an updated software and hosting platform. Since that time the forum has incurred monthly expenses (I've paid for it every month!). Now, 9 years later is extending an invitation to our members to help support this expense. As long as this forum exists, everyone will always be able to access all sections of the forum free of charge, but all members are encouraged to help us support this forum and the hobby through a yearly donation of $14. Unlike other forums this won't give you any additional benefits or privileges. It will only allow you to support the continuation of this forum and the hobby you love. And it will move you from the general "Member" group to the "Forum Supporter" group (in green text). It has been my pleasure to help Orin bring this forum into a modern software platform. In 2007 we painstakingly (mostly Orin) moved every single original post from the old guestbook style forum format to the new software set. He has done the bulk of all the moderating work for 16 years, has written the book we all love and originally cultivated nearly all of the most popular species that now grace our growing hobby. We appreciate sharing this hobby with all forum members, including all the businesses that sell roaches. Please consider showing your support through a yearly contribution of $14 payable via PayPal to peter "at" If you make the donation, please include your display name in the paypal payment "notes" section to ensure that your account will be moved to the Forum Supporter member group in green text. For other non-PayPal donation methods please send an email to that same email address, or a private message to me.
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  7. Celebrate Earth Day with me on Empire State Reptiles Live (internet radio). I'll be on the show this Saturday at 3:30 PM, PST (6:30 PM, EST). I guess they're going to interview me about my experiences in the pet bug hobby and if people call in we'll take calls. Listen here:
  8. Thanks! I appreciate that. It was my first one, but I think after a few more times I could probably learn to enjoy it as much as I do emails and such.
  9. They pushed the show back an hour due to Verizon working at the cables so the show goes on at 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST.
  10. How do you guys play Pokemon if you don't have a phone? I just got my Scizor the other day.
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  13. <p>The forum software is in dire need of an update again and will soon be updated. This will solve some of the spammer issues that ~plague the forum. A quick thanks to Hisserdude for always letting us know immediately when the spammers are posting. We are often able to delete the posts before most members see them. There will no doubt be many changes and even though they are updates in the sense of "progress" and "technological improvements", they are always a bit frustrating (like getting a new cell phone...until you get used to it). A few changes of note in the list below. I chose the following answers to the below: Display names kept, do not convert friends data, leave "solved" topics as-is User / Display Names Usernames and display names have been merged in IPS4. As the administrator, you may select which to keep during the upgrade process. Please note that this field will be the publicly displayed field for the user. Would you like to retain usernames or display names? Friends / Followers Instead of friends, IPS4 features followers. A member now has the ability to follow another member without that being automatically reciprocal. You have the option of converting friends to followers, but please beware that this option may result in undesired notifications based on new content from followed members and we do NOT recommend you opt to convert. Would you like to convert friends data? Question and Answer Forums Previous versions of the software allowed enabling of "Mark as Solved" on a per-forum basis. IPS4 enhances this functionality by allowing members to ask questions and rate their answers. Would you like to convert existing "solved" topics or leave them as-is?
  14. Yeah, I totally forgot to put the banner back up for a week. I got a little sidetracked finding the right shade of orange I guess. Was sort of trying to match the color on the cover of Orin's Allpet Roaches book.
  15. That all makes sense but how does he stay away from Roachforum for this long? He loves it here! Doesn't the saying go, "Home is where the Hisser is?" I have to check my email like every five minutes or I go insane.
  16. I fixed the signature area issue here on this forum. Thanks for catching that. Please note that we only allow 4 lines of text per signature area. There are some offenders in this very thread. The reason for this, you ask? It prevents excessive scrolling. For example, let's say somebody just threw in the word "thanks" and then had a signature line that was 12 lines long. That would take up most of the entire viewing window of my laptop. Admittedly, all the members of this forum are great and we never have issues with anybody and rules are loosely enforced.
  17. I've written to him 3 times in the past couple weeks, as well. I got an auto-reply that he was going to be at a reptile show or something 2 to 3 weeks ago but then he simply didn't reply to my last 2 emails after that. Still hoping to get a message back. Usually he's rather quick to respond, though usually he writes me first, I guess. It is encouraging to know I'm not the only one.
  18. The forum is back up and running. It will take a few days to iron out the details and changes. Thank you for your patience. Please use this section of the forum to ask any questions, criticize the changes, praise them, etc.
  19. The classifieds sections for Roachforum-future will mirror the classified's section of Roachforum-present.
  20. Roachforum, Mantidforum and Beetleforum all run on the same software platform but look different because they are different versions or run different "skins" (just templates for how a forum looks). What you see for this forum and Mantidforum are the default skins. It would be nice for them to look a little different, if only so we can all remember which forum we are actually on. Sometimes the bugs can blend together a bit.
  21. We don't condone on this forum the illegal importation of roaches. Please discontinue this discussion. I will delete this topic after everybody has had a few hours to review this message.
  22. Had fun with you at the 2009 ATS Conference. I went again in 2011. It's a fun couple day event in a VERY neat location. I saw three species of roaches on that trip. Your roach talk at the 2009 event was one of the highlights of the conference.
  23. Thanks going out to Hydrophilus for becoming a new Forum Supporter! We all appreciate your support in keeping this forum going.
  24. A big thank you going out to our member from France. Histrio is a new Forum Supporter!
  25. Recently, John Farr from came over with his 4K Ultra HD video camera and shot clips of pet bugs. Thanks to Orin McMonigle for donating a few specimens for the video including the giant Heterophrynus batesii which, as a perfect adult, is otherwise impossible to source. Please watch the videos on YouTube, comment, and show your love for the hobby! Oh, and when you watch these, bump up the quality setting to 4K (if your video card and internet connection can handle it). It's some seriously FINE detail of fine subject matter!