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  1. I've always wondered why my new bach of B.lateralis and B.dubias aren't multiply. Apparently they do but i have a culprit that keeps eating the nymphs and juvies.. a house gecko... -____- Thankfully i caught that gecko and is now happily being digested inside one of my lizard-eating snake's tummy lol
  2. My condolences
  3. I'm so jealous! We rarely get shipments of live silkworms here as they are damn expensive. my leopard geckos need some lol
  4. If not salt, some kind of broth or diluted acid to keep the veggies from rotting to quickly..
  5. hemp is naturally found where dubias are in the wild as well so, hometown food for them lol.. Like that song goes beans, beans the more beans, the more you eat the better you feel haha
  6. Welcome aboard!
  7. Since geographically i don't have heat or humidity issues, i'm keeping my B.lateralis and B.dubias together without issues. The lats occupy the top/upper levels while the dubias congregate at the substrate
  8. hey seth welcome aboard!
  9. Hello there and welcome to you both
  10. Fresh cabbages and other semi-succulent leafy veggies transpire a lot inside bins for some reason
  11. Try soaking your fruits in water for a few hours then pat them dry and give it to them roaches.
  12. Can sometimes also be a hormonal or congenital issue if you're doin everything right
  13. Me again with a quick update. If you guys already knew a few years back then you would probably still remember my grumpy Boiga philippina named Garfield.. If not, then let me refresh your memory with his photo Here he is now, 3 years later and still feisty as ever lol With flash Him in a natural daylight shot I should probably imitate his grumpy face on to work to scare of my workers haha! Good day everyone!
  14. Hell yeah, she just devastated my lats colony lol
  15. Hey ladies & gents! Still remember me? Sorry for my prolonged absence. That is so not like me. I was quite busy at work, renovating my resort house in the far east and dealt with some impending family drama. Without further ado, the newest member of my animal kingdom a Luzon Forest Dragon (Gonocephalus semperi) that I personally named Khaleesi!! Sorry for the pixelated pics, my watermark app ain't doing the close up details any justice -__- And yes, it's a she.. Hail the mother of dragons lmao Enjoy your weekend everyone