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  1. Thanks for the links. Very interesting!
  2. Thanks for the photo! That is a very cool find!
  3. Beautiful animals!! I admire your persistence and dedication to this project!
  4. There are some fairly inexpensive mics out there if you're interested in making better quality "nature" recordings. You can check here for some really nice "used" audio gear if you're interested. http://taperssection.com/index.php?board=7.0 There is also a wealth of information available on that site for audio and video recording.
  5. What kind of gear did you use to record the audio?
  6. Best of luck to you with this species! I really, really, really like the look of those animals!
  7. Thanks. I located and downloaded a pdf version!
  8. Thanks for the hardcopy find! I'm going to peruse the pdf version and then decide if I want to spend $145 on this. It is missing the dust jacket but I guess if it was in mint condition it would be much higher priced. I love collecting natural history books and reference texts. I have two new rattlesnake books calling my name as we speak...
  9. The USPS sucks... Did you get your $50 refunded?
  10. It is a shame that the price of "Urban Insects and Arachnids: A Handbook of Urban Entomology" is $250 and upwards. I love collecting reference books but the price on this one is a little steep.
  11. I bet that the animals make it, even though USPS totally dropped the ball, again!! That is why I NEVER use the USPS for shipping live animals unless the sender insists on it. FedEx is my shipper of choice. Yes, FedEx will cost you more, but FedEx is a lot more responsive to tracking items down and they have never screwed up any shipments of mine up to this point in time. Does FedEx make mistakes too? Sure they do, but they seem to make less mistakes than both the USPS and UPS. YMMV.
  12. I HATE shipping by USPS!! I can't say that enough...
  13. Thanks for the detailed husbandry tips and observations! Very interesting read!!
  14. Congratulations on the hatchlings!!! I'd love to get some babies from you once you get to that point!!
  15. Great finds!! Good luck with them!