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  1. Another gorgeous species! I too hope that these make it into the USA hobby.
  2. ^ Great photos of the female!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Your information is good to know!! I definitely want this species but I've been a little gun shy because of the price and the instances of tragedies mentioned by experienced isopod keepers!
  4. That really, really sucks! Sorry to hear that. Do you have any idea what might have happened?
  5. Definitely on my want list for the Spring of 2018!! Once it warms up. It has been -15 F (actual temp) here in MN for the past few nights... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  6. Wow!! Thanks for the new photos!
  7. Gorgeous creatures!!!
  8. Thanks for the update. It will be interesting to see what develops in your colony over the next few generations! Good luck!!
  9. I saw the same thing that you mentioned, "the description says that the bark is "stringy and fibrous". In looking at the bark in that package I think that the "stringy and fibrous" comment refers more to the underside of those bark pieces. I think that the exterior surface of that bark is fairly smooth. I could be wrong. I'll check into that and let you know what I find out. Lanxoblatta rudis has jumped to the top of my roach want list for Spring 2018, once the weather warms up in Minnesota again...
  10. Did you check out this source for flat bark? https://www.thebiodude.com/products/southern-palm-bark-2-qt I wonder if you can specify a length of palm bark for purchase?
  11. Please keep us posted on your husbandry experiences / observations with this species. I am very interested in keeping P. bolivari but I've been hesitant in taking the plunge with this species because of other USA keeper's lack of success with them. It appears that "good air circulation" with moderate humidity is essential for keeping this species alive. Edulio Isopods seems to have the regimen for successfully keeping and breeding this species figured out. Alan Grosse in the USA also seems to have figured out the requirements for propagating for this species! Good luck my friend!!
  12. Alan what kind of wood are you feeding your Montenegros?
  13. Would flat slabs of cork work for this species? Not the prettiest item for cage furniture but it is flat, smooth and easy to find locally or online. Available in various thicknesses: https://www.amazon.com/Cork-Sheet-Plain-24-thick/dp/B001ACIGO4?th=1