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  1. Congratulation.
  2. This interests me. I want USA in spring to order cockroaches, but I do not know it, it is allowed on the border.
  3. Hello. You live next door quasi. Welcome.
  4. Congratulations.
  5. I heard it, that the blaberus craniifer "black form" it real, he is a living variant freely. Forsooth?
  6. OK: I bring 1kg and make a test whit blaptica dubia and nauphoeta cinerea.
  7. Very beautifuf! Every eurycotis beautifof but pest I have some opaca...
  8. Thank you. This genre pest?
  9. Hm.... I make a test. In Budapest Zoo use monkey food
  10. I have 10 joung.... I now buy from my exece.
  11. I think that is every food "poison". Every fruit veg and in the water.... One not tinted cat or dog food best dispolas.
  12. What big box need? What temperature? What humidity? What land? Climb on glass?
  13. Now I dont have, but the letes week I meak some picture.
  14. I have a good news! I work is Budapet Zoo in the insecthouse! My exec breed giant bugs. Dynastes hercules, chalsosoma caucausus, and he have archiblatta hoeveni
  15. I am interested in this cockroach. Please help me. What are the needs for keeping and breeding?