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  1. My isopods only get supplemental food once a week. So they aren't getting too much. I will mostly be growing ground orchids and rare house plants in my aquaponic system and will only grow 2 or 3 veggies or herbs for the bugs. Whatever veggies or herbs I grow will be fed to my isopods, roaches and mealworms.
  2. Thanks EricSJCA. My system will be too small for watermelon and corn, but I hope to have a system big enough in a few years! Super interesting info about sesame seeds! So do you crack the seeds or just feed them whole? Maybe I'll try a sesame plant someday.
  3. Anyone work with leather? I just started working with Fish Leather and it's amazing! I'm hoping to make a pouch soon. I've already made a bracelet and a necklace. Fish leather has such a unique and exotic look. I'll eventually post some photos of stuff I've made.
  4. Cool, next time I'm cooking mushrooms I'll feed some to the isopods. Thank you for the long list of veggies and foods that you've tired! This is exactly what I was looking for. What species of isopods are you keep?
  5. Thanks for posting Trullan! Mushrooms huh!?!? I guess it makes sense, isopods being detritivores and all, mushrooms would be their neighbors. What type of mushrooms do you feed your isopods?
  6. Although not fresh, I've fed mine wilted lettuce, and frozen peas. Hope this will get the ball rolling on other veggie items members have tried. Redmont and I can't be the only ones who feed veggies to isopods?!?!
  7. I'm setting up a aquaponics system for ground orchids and I figured I'd add some veggies for the bugs. I wanted to see what veggies people have fed that their isopods. I've fed romaine lettuce and they seem to like it, but I'm sure there are better things.
  8. What fresh veggies or herbs are a favorite food for your isopods?
  9. This thread needs photos . . .
  10. Seal places pest roaches might enter. That is the best way to keep pests away. People spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on pest control every year, but if people just spent money on sealing their house, they would save so much cash in the long run. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!
  11. What species do you keep? Maybe I'll send you some leaves to try.
  12. Yeah, I thought about that . . . not sure if I want to set up another container and risk my isopods! lol
  13. I wonder if these will affect isopods, not all toxins affect all animals. Also, I wonder if the toxins remain after the leaves start to break down and decay. I remember finding many isopods living under logs around my Dad's mango and avocado trees back in Miami, FL . . .
  14. Thanks for the tips on Palm and Magnolia. I've heard that live avocado and mango leaves can contain toxins, but do the dead dry leaves still contain them?
  15. None has tried any of the leaves mentioned above?