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  1. I am keeping a small number (~50) in a critter carrier (about a 3 gallon). So I am curious on how others keep their Green Banana's in. I am really would like to get a large colony going as I heard that they make excellent feeders for chameleons or other aboreal lizards (which I keep).
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    Housing Green Bananas

    Yes, that is what is happening. I guess I will be constructing a bucket cage for them now.
  3. serpent

    Things roaches in general won't eat:

    Hmm, mine eat everything that everyone one has mentioned. I have a very large lobster colony and they ate a small rat that my burm wouldn't eat. They will eat beets, carrots, dark greens, tortoise food, ig salad, cantaloupe, watermelon, dog food, mice, mouse chow, rat chow, fruit loops, raison bran, egg yolks, dried fruit mix, potato chips, wood shavings, grass clipings, yogurt, cheese, cherries, oranges, strawberries etc.... I heard that orange heads ate live insects so I tried it with crickets and well they do. Most of mine will eat earthworms... I always thought that they will eat anything, one thing I haven't tried is the glue on the back of post-it's which is a common urban myth, but since mine will eat their egg crates if they run out of food while I'm at school I am assuming they will eat paper and the glue along with it.
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    Has anyone had a problem with Pallid cockroaches (Pheatalia pallidus)? Are they a good cockroach to have, they are not infestive or anything; a good small feeder cockroach?
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    Thanks for the information!