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  1. I was thinking round vents but by pesky pallids are so small getting out of standard window mesh are the vents tighter than that?
  2. So I remember someone mentioning a certain kind of screen it was a ridged plastic sheet the holes were so small it was measured in microns. I tried searching the forum but couldn't find it. I saw it on Amazon a few months back but can't remember it now. Any help will be great thanks
  3. Sorry for not replying sooner I only get on occasionally these days. I havnt heard of males loseing legs that's intense. What size is your setup they like a lot of room. Also climbing space is important the males try to get as high as they can if there is only one thing to climb they may fight more. When I had all the males and females together before I had them in a BIG bin. I think the main key is climbing though and once there are baby's you will want 2-3 inches for them to burrow in while the adults hang out up higher. Hope this helps
  4. Are you trying to keep them separately to not breed? Personally I keep mine at 5 males for every 20 females. As for the male maturing when your larger nymphs were female. It maybe that the males grow and mature faster than females which is true of many other species. As for a all male colony it should be fine as there are many high spots for climbing. They will be territorial and there will be some wing biteing but I had a colony of about 20 males that were peaceful...until I found someone locally with a large monitor lizard. Hope this helps
  5. Best/laziest was to collect beetles is take a little 2 oz cup or ramekin. Bury it so it's flush with the surface and put a bit of apple or carrot in. They fall in next day you have a cup of beetles and larvae. For what it's worth I try to have as many beetle free colonys as I can the only one's they help with are the dubia and orange head but who knows once my other colonys large roaches grow in numbers. For small roaches/pet spieces I don't use em
  6. I remember that convo on gorgojos chinos I have wanted some ever since. The only person who advertises them for sale is capecod and that price is way to high. If they do make a good cleaner I might have to put them in with my lobster roaches...if I get some.
  7. Yeah it was always my adult males that got out they would do that flutter jump. The dubia ended up in the bed normally and orange heads would end up in piles of clothes. lol Now my set ups are much better so that doesn't happen any more.
  8. I think there arnt many commerce sites. A lot of the members here have blogspot/webpress sites that don't show up in searches as easially
  9. I had the same issue its kinda crazy theres only 3-4 big name people in the non-tarantula side of the hobby. In the fact that they have their own sites and sell insects as their sole lively hood. My first suggestion is facebook groups many are international discussion groups but some are US specific and there are some devoted classified groups. I find them very enjoyable. Theres also faunaclassifieds I go there sometimes cool stuff pops up. Oh and I tried keeping mantids and failed so I havnt tried recently but they can be cool to read about.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. I have had a few collapses myself and its not a good feeling.
  11. Any idea how its going? Percent of offspring showing this mutation?
  12. I wonder a lot about hybrids in this genus but I only have the one species to play with I will defiantly try to isolate this morph if I can. This one is a male so I will isolate the females that have not matured yet. These actually mature pretty fast for me most places say 8 months to a year but I think living in texas helps them mature faster I think mine went from hatching to adult in 4 months.
  13. Found this guy yesterday.
  14. I'm glad these guys are doing well for you and there are more in the hobby in general my pair is breeding just as well as my white spots so I think these should be more available in a year or two.