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  1. I have discovered assassin's seem to ignore isopods I tried putting in a binch to feed them but after checking a few times later that night none were eating
  2. I used to keep these guys awhile back. Its hard to find ones that arent albino these days. Right now I only have one little community tank and if I got one again it would eat all my fish in a week. lol
  3. Lol When I go shopping with my wife I'm a pain I say don't buy those buy the one in the good containers. Basically all my inverts are in used food containers cause I'm cheap lol
  4. The key is to identify the genders before breeding age and divide them in that way before they get a chance to mate. In that way you can then selectively introduce the genders after they reach adulthood since its unclear as to how many times a female need to mate in her lifetime to produce multiple broods. Of course this helps if its a slower growing/breeding species.
  5. Selective breeding doesn't require hybrids for success. Selective breeding for traits can be fun I typically have groups for that purpose. In fact with my hybrid hissers that are only good as feeders every year and a half I take the 5 largest males and 10-15 largest females and sell/trade the rest. If asked locally for cheap pet hissers I typically sell males from this group. Most hybrids arnt intentional for instance the mixing of b crannifer, b fusca, b atrops. Just simple misidentification. I think non burrowing dubia would be nice but I don't think traits like that can be pinned down very easy. Good luck with it if you try it. I would be the first to buy them : p
  6. The conservation issue is a big one with no wild specimens being allowed to leave Madagascar what we have is all we got and habitat loss is significant there. There's maybe 2-3 reliable sources of pure stock. Even my "pure" widehorns might not be there no way to know. I can be fairly sure on my e javanica. It's the same with a lot of tarantulas to. Just something that happens and it's unfortunate.
  7. This is a topic that always drove me crazy cause everyone says they are different and hybrids are bad but there's no definitive way to tell them apart. US pure stock looks different from European pure stock compared to wild pics from Madagascar. I kinda gave up on hopeing I could tell them apart. Some people say that there's a intention on the thorax that helps it them some say it doesn't matter. Life is a mystery lol
  8. That sounds like a lot of fun and very similar to my place lol Inverts make a very intriguing hobby so much diversity.
  9. I probably will they are to young though they need 2 more molts and at least 2 meals before I will be ready to let them go
  10. Hmm I like the idea of adding assassins they are just so small when they are born I'm pretty sure some were eaten by lateralis before...its worth a try though considering red heads don't seem as aggressive of eaters as lats. I really want to figure out something for my lobsters they don't seem to eat food fast enough. So I want a roach clean up crew for them lol
  11. It's my expiernce they often don't stick ootheca and just scatter them about but do tend to try to put them in the most humid part of their enclosures.
  12. I found roaches to be better than dermestids at cleaning skeletons. A large colony can clean a small animal in 2 hours. They might have killed the gecko if 3 grabbed it at once. Geckos are pretty delicate. Sorry your wife lost her gecko I love geckos
  13. Not very likely people are wasteful and throw out fresh veggies all the time that maybe discolored or a lil moldy on one tiny spot. Its kinda a judgment call thing I wouldn't feed them just anything just the most choice trash lol I fed my dubia, orange head, and lateralis exclusively on trash for over a year and they did great.
  14. Well there are 2 main factors for cost one is heating when keeping one colony or 2 heat pads are efficient but when you have like 20 Or more spieces in different bins it's cheaper to use a mini space heater to heat a room or closet. Food gets pricey carrot and apple are cheap for bigger colonys I use cantaloupe or watermelon. The best thing to do is dumpster dive then it's free I used to do that when I had more time.
  15. Ahh yes I couldn't do that to a terrestrial tarantula I hatched out some p irminia recently that's where I got the idea but it's pretty silly I know. The tank I was gonna use is a 40 breeder. It probably won't happen since my wife doesn't like roaches display tanks I may try a scaled down version in my bug closet though.