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  1. I normally have the opposite problem just way to many males...interesting it can be so different colony to colony
  2. You can also buy plastic lids for mason jars and put holes in those.
  3. Its true also they make good feeders I use them for my arboreal tarantula slings just toss on in the web and done lol also good for small geckos.
  4. Sounds kinda fun or a general insect pet channel. I don't use chat servers myself I'm not very techy lol
  5. Right stunning colors
  6. Yeah the nutritional information on dubia is what made them so popular which can make selling other feeder species difficult. I always try to get people to buy orange head over dubia but it doesn't happen often.
  7. Well people smuggling is different and if you have to ask how to commit a probably wont get away with it lol However people import things regularly, reptiles, tarantulas, fish, etc There is very little info out there on what agency's are required to work with and which one specifically has jurisdiction over insects. There's like no info out there other than usda and local fish and wildlife. Its frustrating you know *sigh* I once asked a texas parks and wildlife representative about the legalities of collecting inverts in state parks and he said theres no rules at all apart from asking permission from a park ranger onsite...that doesn't seem right since I know people claiming to be licensed collectors but oh well I'm gonna do it lol I'm gonna figure it out one day....
  8. But the discussion of legal ways of importing or simply trying to find out what species is or isn't legal to import is also shut down. How do you find out if you cant ask?
  9. I've seen this happen before apparently there's no open discussion of the importation process. Its a conspiracy to keep the big guys who already know about how to import on top so the little guys get left in the dark.
  10. If you really want to collect them you can take a small smooth container (think shot glass) put it into the substrate where the top of the container to is flush or slightly lower than the surface of the soil. This technique is called a pit fall trap. Just place something yummy in the container and the larvae/beetles will collect themselves.
  11. This list doesn't actually include dubia some times called orange spot roach the six spotted roach refers to e. distanti which is cool I wonder if it applies to all eublaberus species.
  12. If you look at at home depot or Walmart you can find water crystals in the garden center with a picture and instructions on how to use them in potted plants. They were not intended to provide water for fauna but its now commonly used for that purpose. I personally don't use them much but I keep it around as a back up for when I go out of town and stuff. I look forward to hearing if it helps hold in moisture in the bin.
  13. I think in the soil is where they were designed to go for potted plants so should be fine. I stoped using water crystals with my eublaberus spieces cause all they do is get it dirty they didn't seem to be actually drinking it. My lateralis ate the crystals....I figured that can't be healthy lol
  14. I actually saw nymphs yesterday. the main things I changed was to smaller humid enclosure and added fruit to their diet again. I noticed they don't like dog food but devour cheerios so that's a good revelation.