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  1. Never had that problem.
  2. I feed my hissers, dubia, pantanal old fashioned oats. You can get a huge container at Walmart for 2$. I also add the dirt cheap cat food from time to time but the oats are the favorite.
  3. I was curious if any could give me some info on these? How active, shy are they? How are they generally kept? Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately I didn't look for inverts while I was there. I was into the birds.
  5. This is one of my wish list species. Having been to Ethiopia, I am drawn to animals from there. It is a beautiful place. hope you have good luck.
  6. Yeah, whoever coined that common name must of never raised these. Their markings are highly variable. Seldom have two perfect dots. Most of mine have a third spot in the center.
  7. I found this interesting male Eublaberus serranus today. This is probably the most tan color I have seen so far.
  8. Sorry this pic is crappy, but here is my Eublaberus serranus set up. Several inches of coco fiber, oak bark and sticks. This is a 20 zoo med bearded dragon tank. The screen lid is 3/4 covered with plexiglass for humidity. The nymphs stay burrowed. They are quite active even with the lights on.
  9. Granite grit? I'm thinking this is chicken feed.
  10. This Parcoblatta has stolen a fly from a house spiders web and is eating away. First it ate the webbing and then the wings. How cool is this!
  11. I can tell you that if you are getting them in mail, open them up and place them in the Ben outside. I have done 4 unboxings and when I did it inside we all had allergic fits for the day. Runny nose and sneezing for the remainder of the evening. But since then nothing.
  12. "I like pet roaches too!"
  13. I will tell you will probably enjoy the roaches more than the tarantulas. I have 7 t's and the roaches give me more entertainment. I personally prefer hissers for t feeders. They do not burrow and since they climb they are easier to catch as nymphs. As far as cost of feeding roaches, I compare it to the cost of feeding fish. Hardly noticeable. I buy a 2$ container of old fashioned oats at Walmart. It lasts a couple months or so. And that's to feed a colony of dubia, Eublaberus serranus, and Elliptorhina javanica. Toss in your kitchen fruit and veggie waste and buy a citrus fruit every so often ( no rind).
  14. I'm not sure if they ate. We collected them in 2015. Most grew and did fine. Ever so often one would have a rough shed around the toes even though we tried to maintain an 80% humidity. We would see the rough shed gecko for about 2 days, then no more. They appeared to loose their climbing ability and probably starved. Lesson learned is meditteranean geckos are not hardy enough for captivity. We caught 7 and had hoped to start breeding them. My wife does feed the roaches now.