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  1. I can tell you that if you are getting them in mail, open them up and place them in the Ben outside. I have done 4 unboxings and when I did it inside we all had allergic fits for the day. Runny nose and sneezing for the remainder of the evening. But since then nothing.
  2. "I like pet roaches too!"
  3. I will tell you will probably enjoy the roaches more than the tarantulas. I have 7 t's and the roaches give me more entertainment. I personally prefer hissers for t feeders. They do not burrow and since they climb they are easier to catch as nymphs. As far as cost of feeding roaches, I compare it to the cost of feeding fish. Hardly noticeable. I buy a 2$ container of old fashioned oats at Walmart. It lasts a couple months or so. And that's to feed a colony of dubia, Eublaberus serranus, and Elliptorhina javanica. Toss in your kitchen fruit and veggie waste and buy a citrus fruit every so often ( no rind).
  4. I'm not sure if they ate. We collected them in 2015. Most grew and did fine. Ever so often one would have a rough shed around the toes even though we tried to maintain an 80% humidity. We would see the rough shed gecko for about 2 days, then no more. They appeared to loose their climbing ability and probably starved. Lesson learned is meditteranean geckos are not hardy enough for captivity. We caught 7 and had hoped to start breeding them. My wife does feed the roaches now.
  5. So my wife has a large exo terra terrarium for her Meditteranean geckos. She bought some of the magnetic feeder dishes to hang from the side. I decided to put young Eublaberus serranus nymphs in the dish. They did eat them quite well.....or so I thought. The other day I saw something white moving in the substrate. I reached in and pulled out an intact gecko skeleton from the sub. The very large nymphs were in the sub. Apparently crickets, geckos, and coco fiber are all they needed to survive. Now it's a terrarium of pothos vine, one gecko and a bunch of E. serranus.
  6. Wouldn't it be better to try two species that have different habitats? For example, hissers live up high on bark and in plants and then you could pick a burrowing species that likes it dry? A polyphagid perhaps? I think what has been addressed before that problem is one species will outcompete the other. So you could get the magnetic rocklike feeders to attach up high to place the hissers food.
  7. Let me help. Here is some I'm interested in.Deropeltis pelinoi, Lucihormetica species, Ergaula.....
  8. Ok guys and gals, here's what I am researching. What species of roaches seldom ever need fed off to keep the population stable? So it would be slow breeding and have a short lifespan. I would like to get a cool species that I don't have rely on using it as a feeder.
  9. Thanks! I enjoy watching them for sure. They eat about 1/2 cup of oats a day.
  10. The adults enjoy this log for perching. At night it is covered.
  11. They aren't great pics, but so far I can't get any good pics to load on here. But anyway here is my current set for my Elliptorhina javanica. They went from 27 to hundreds since nov 2015. It was roach tank cleaning day yesterday. The next is my Eublaberus serranus tank. Yes no fancy cave yet. The adults even came out after I misted it and turned on the heat lamp at 8 a.m. I do need to get another red bulb though. Also I probably could use another coco fiber brick.
  12. The hisser types are very non roachy in my opinion. I have so many Elliptorhina javanica "Halloween hissers" I don't know what to do with them. I turned off the heat lamp today and will probably leave it off.
  13. My wife doesn't mind my roaches but nothing would be in the bedroom lol. They are all too noisy.
  14. Ok here's the next question. Is there a non burrower that is a poor climber or prefers not to?