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  1. I did notice that mine do all seem to have complete yellow bands. I thought at first this was just do to them being immature but now i think they probably are full grown. Very interesting.
  2. wow what little Houdinis. Turn out the lights and the little escape artists went to work. Apparently crawling up the glued corners of the tank, across the lip of the edge and stretch over to the vent holes drilled in the glass cover. Good thing I randomly got up at 2:00 to see if I could see them. Hopefully I found them all. I have a date with window screen and hot glue when I get home.
  3. Yes they are very cool. I hope I get to see them every so often.
  4. That's one way to get a colony. I didn't realize how small they were. The 2.5 seems huge right now. They are pretty cool.
  5. I have about a dozen bumblebee millipedes coming soon. Do millipedes do better in a smaller or larger enclosure? I know some inverts do better crowded some need space. I currently have an empty 2.5 gallon and a 5.5 gallon to choose from.
  6. So my West African Rubber Frogs have proven hard to feed. When they hop into the feeding dish, the tiny dubia play dead. Because I keep all six of them in a 40 gallon long, I have had to add isopods to help combat fungus gnats. This was a good idea because they seem to be hunting the babies. What else can I add to live in the vivarium that would provide them with more small feeders? Springtails? I added some small species of millipedes but I doubt they will eat those. I have been wondering if little Kenyans could live in there without overrunning? Earwigs maybe?
  7. Do males do this. I gave my niece three male hissers and one has something similar to this that's been hanging out for two weeks. Looks like a noodle.
  8. It sounds to me like any plants would be eaten in a matter of days then. I had a piece of Christmas cactus in a tarantulas container and an uneaten hisser did quite the number on it.
  9. There are a lot of succulents from Madagascar. Most of them have toxic sap. I have wondered how this affected them if at all.
  10. You would be suprised how much heat a light bulb gives off.
  11. I have noticed roaches kept on egg cartons smell. My assumption is the carton absorb odors and such. My pantanals kept on wood, bark and coconut fiber do not. I have also noted the roaches that are kept dry smell more than those species that are kept humid. However I have not had many species to see if this holds true or if it's my keeping styles.
  12. Hey! I wondered where you went to.
  13. Neoholothele incei
  14. Hapalopus sp. "Columbia large". Pumpkin patch
  15. I would love to see Symploce cavernicola in the hobby. I am fascinated with cave dwelling species.