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  1. Perhaps she's bred too!
  2. Ahhh it appears she is a Melanolestes picipes. Nice!
  3. So I found this black dude (a little red tint to the abdomen) under a board in my pole barn. I'm assuming it's a nymph since it has no wings? Any guesses?
  4. Even better a place in Utah with sample sheets
  5. Well on eBay they have 75micron-200 micron it looks super fine.
  6. Anyone know what size mesh is small enough to use for ants?
  7. How is your colony progressing?
  8. Huh. Well I will try them too. This link should take you to a video of me feeding my frogs at an ant trail.
  9. What species of termites are you referring too? I have found zero info that you can start a termite colony without a queen. Or that you can get termites to survive in captivity period. I would prefer to raise termites personally
  10. You could use glueboards to collect the escapees. You can fold them into a box and place them against the wall out of the way. I feed my bearded dragon hissers and even though I only feed a few at a time I still find a few hiding. It's possible some of them found a way out.
  11. Bravo, great site my good fellow
  12. I will also add that there are three states that ban hissers...........
  13. They are white after they shed the old skin. Then it darkens as it hardens. They are delicate during this hardening time. Hissers do not burrow. When mine molt, they just hang out on a piece of bark usually away from the others. Hissers should be kept dry. If it is humid this might have been the problem. They also need bark, sticks or plastic plants to hang out on and hide under. Male hissers also will fight with each other. Now yes roaches are nocturnal, but think most animals benefit from a daylight, dark cycle.
  14. I have a couple 2.5 gallons I use. I have the glass lid that came with it and I drilled 12 holes in it. I broke 2 beyond use trying to drill it and the one I currently use is broken as well. I have an Aphonopelma seemani in it, half way filled with coconut fiber. Just filling her milk cap water dish(and her tipping it over within the hour) saturates all of the substrate. The humidity trapped in side that small space must be super high. I have to swap it out with a screen lid every few weeks to let it dry to keep away the mold. I recommend a screen lid. You can always add packing tape to the underside if you want to keep it more humid. I will say it is easier to lay something on top the sub to retain moisture. No matter how dry substrate gets, it's always damp under a water dish. Flat rocks work too.