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  1. I wonder if they could cohabitate with species of snails and shrimp?
  2. I am planning to remake a paladarium I used to have years ago. This time without fish. It will be submerged and "shore" plants, mosses, driftwood(in and out of water), rock, sand, and gravel. Kind of a rainforest creek bank. Has anyone tried any of these aquatic isopods? I have collected at least two species here in KY from the local creeks. They never last long cause my fish would eat them. I wonder how they would do if left alone?
  3. Probably will want to make sure it's not medicated.
  4. I keep my Eublaberus serranus in a sterilite tub with small whole drilled in the center over the lid. The coconut fiber only needs moistened once a week or so. They do quite well.
  5. Also makes you wonder about the comparison of hissing between species. Could you ID from sound? Welcome!
  6. I'm interested to see what the male would look like. Very nice.
  7. I like these a lot. How would you rate them on shyness?
  8. Fungus gnats feed on the fungi that grow in damp substrate and soil. The only way I have cut them down is either with complete replacement or allowing to dry out.
  9. The Eublaberus serranus (pantanal roach), was my first species of pet roach. I originally got them to feed my paceman frogs. They didn't like them. The pantanals are still here, the Pacman are not. Now that I have many nymphs and adults they eat about anything. I keep them in about 4 inches of coco fiber with several pieces of bark above and below the substrate. They seldom produce a defensive odor, and its not very strong or long lasting. They are currently kept in a sterlite tub with holes drilled in the lid. I mist them down once a week. It is very fun to throw in a handful of oats and watch them rise up and pull it into the sub like zombies lol. My goal is to one day create a cave habitat tank to keep them in.
  10. I have Eublaberus serranus (pantanal roach). I received inch long nymphs in nov 2015. They started molting into adults in Feb 2016 and I noticed the first deaths of males in July. I assume these were old age deaths. I didn't notice any females dead until september or so. They are quite productive now.
  11. Welcome. A little tip on acquiring pet roaches. First get a species that doesn't look at all like a roach........... its down hill from there lol
  12. 3/4 inchish
  13. I will now keep an eye out for more. I found them in the winter last year. I am guessing they chose it as a place to go dormant. It was 10ft off the ground so kind of strange for a leaf litter critter. Probably 15 or so curled inside.