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  1. I have now acquired a small start of Archimandrita tesselata. These are going into a 40 gallon long aquarium. My goal is to create an accurate as possible display vivarium. If anyone has any ideas feel free to elaborate. I’m looking for all information regarding; native plant species, habitat info, first hand in the field info. Considering live plants would be eaten I plan to buy high quality artificial. I am also beginning a driftwood hunt. I think it would be awesome to find a hollow stump or log to trim to fit. I will probably choose Costa Rico as the habitat to reproduce. Have any of you used sphagnum moss (the green mossy kind not the substrate kind) with roaches?
  2. So I keep finding empty ootheca that have been clearly eaten or gone all together. They have plenty of food at all times. Fish flakes, oats, potato flakes, cat food and dog biscuits. Fresh veggies and fruits given a few times a week. Kept on a thin layer of coco fiber with bark and dead oak leaves. Suggestions?
  3. Hmm it’s fairly dry
  4. Unfortunately that’s hard to do in a tank of small millipedes because it’s jammed full of pedelings
  5. I guess in reality the fungus gnat larvae are beneficial it’s just the adults are a nuisance
  6. I’m always leery about things like that. I know it’s not chemical but. I can see the news now. Zombie apocalypse linked to the bacteria found in mosquito dunks. I am still trying to develop a trap that is out side of the habitats. I wonder about carnivorous plants ability to get a percentage of them?
  7. It’s actually interesting to think about. I have been in pest control for 17 years, and it seems the typical infestation only begins with one female.There was a 16 floor building in Louisville infested horribly with bedbugs (I know not roaches but insects so point remains). U.K. Entomologist department DNA tested them and determined they all came from a single ancestor. So it would appear insects do not suffer from inbreeding in the same way as vertebrates.
  8. A few questions. I read somewhere that Gyna species adults are day active. Is this correct? I’m getting two dozen nymphs. My options right now for housing are a 3 gallon exoterra or a 5.5 gallon aquarium. Donthe adults prefer branches above to live on or bark laid on the substrate amoungst dead leaves?
  9. Very nice. I would keep them separate. If only to see if there are any differences between the two stocks. I never understood glue boards in a pet store. Is really worth catching a had full of occasional invaders to risk catching an expensive escapee lizard or snake? They say you can remove them but not before inflicting damage. There are typically safe places to use pesticides in a pet store without causing issues. Employee breakrooms, utility rooms the outside perimeter. There shouldn’t be pets kept in these areas. If you guys have a service with a professional company be aware he could be using cockroach bait. I wish I could find some of those
  10. These pictures remind me of a story my boss told me. He was having a horrible time getting rid of a P. americana infestation. So finally he decided to go down into this old houses crawl space. Inside he found a forgotten stash of dozens of pounds of potatoes harvested two years prior. With thousands of roaches tunneled all through them.
  11. Very nice. I am always on the hunt for a more alive roach terrarium. Do the nibble on them? Have you used them in with other roach species?
  12. I thought I would post some pics of my roach displays. Unfortunately at this time only the pantanals have enough adults to be seen. I want to fix a back drop but I’m not sure what to do yet. The big empty is a 29 gallon Blaberus fusca, the other 29 is Eublaberus “pantanal” and then a 3 gallon with Gyna caffrorum.
  13. I will have to take note next time of the weather. But yes it is crazy noisy.
  14. From my researching, it would appear mantis are seasonal insects. It seems you can buy mantid ootheca year round. Assuming they are viable do the hatch at the appropriate time or will they hatch earlier under certain conditions? Are there better times to buy them?
  15. Oh they are fun. When you sprinkle food on the substrate the nymphs and adults come pouring out of the ground like zombies, grabbing the oats and dragging it down into the depths. The adults from time to time go nuts! Running all over the tank full speeds. I’m guessing it’s cause some freshly molted female roaches have emerged.
  16. Actually you can go to Walmart and get an inexpensive in tank filter that will run in a few inches of water. They are a little bigger than a small drink cup. They have an internal pump that sucks up water and it flows out the top like a water fall. You could place a slanted rock or two user it to get a riffle effect. You could do the same idea as I mentioned just would need a larger dish. Or you can fill the bottom with a layer of rock or gravel and keep the whole tank full of a few inches of water. The latter might prove harder to maintain with roaches. You’d be surprised the deals you can find of people selling used aquarium supplies on Craigslist. I love habitat design
  17. Beautiful species! What species of plant is that in with them? Is that part of their enclosure or just added for the photos?
  18. Now see I would be challenged with this idea. I would take a dish and glue rocks, sand and gravel to the sides and bottom. Then sink it in the substrate. Fill with water. The just remove and rinse as needed. I would also make stack of rocks to create an aquatic look.
  19. Yes a tank full of roaches in much more impressive then one full of shy nymphs. The funny one is the small gyna tank. You see nothing but mist it and tiny nymphs go scattering.
  20. In my experience, they are great. Some species seem to even require them. Hardwood species are recommended. Oak seems to last the best without decaying too quickly. Plus oak are easiest to identify. I spend the fall and winter collecting oak leaves to keep for the late spring and summer.
  21. Separating them out will be a challenge. Those things are fast.
  22. I’m digging the variability in this species. Now I have young running all over so I can see how the genetics work, sooner or later.
  23. Oh nice! I thought the striped ones looked a little different.
  24. So I went to remove my lid on my millipedes and found this little thing already taking up residence. I don’t even have to wait til spring lol p. I’m guessing it’s a hitchhiker in my oak leaf bucket.
  25. So I have read that fungus gnats are not uncommon with millipedes but man I’m killing a dozen wat day. Any suggestions? I have them (bumblebees) in a 2.5 gallon, several inches of coco fiber, dead oak leaves, decaying maple wood chunks, and a bit of sand.