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    I breed cockroaches (obviously :p) I'm currently working with 20+ roach species. For reptiles I have a mali uromastyx and a juvenile dumeril's monitor both are awesome! I enjoy listening to rock and county music primarily from the early 00's

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  1. One nymph is a plus, I'd give them time and feed fruits and veggies and try not to disturb them to much, that's all I can think of, maybe @Hisserdude can help
  2. I bet they'd clean the skull fairly well, I have frozen mice and medium rats, I'd probably throw in a mouse, I bet they'd eat it all, there would just be a pile of bones left.
  3. I would suggest using excavator clay its for reptiles that make burrows. This isn't the best idea for dominos they don't make burrows, they just dig in the soil, i Believe glow spots make burrows, this would be a good idea for desert hairys and death fainters
  4. I never thought I would be breeding and selling roaches, but hear I am. The roach hobby is very addicting and very rewarding the deeper you go in the awesomer it gets
  5. I've given my giant cave roaches coconut and they absolutely loved it. I also gave them some old pinkies which they absalutly go crazy for, I've put one in before and came back in less than 8 minutes and it was completely gone of course I do have a couple hundred right now with many more on the way
  6. You can get light dimmers and use them for heat pads, they are like $12 or less on amazon
  7. I'd put little Kenyan roaches, and jungle micropods in there I bet they would eat both species and maybe some dwarf whites
  8. Hisser turds generally look like mouse poop, it may almost look slightly ovalish, but it seams like your describing something different pics would help.
  9. They are velvety to help soil stick to them so they can blend in better, soil sticks better to nymphs than adults.
  10. True but with heat cables and pads you can have lower ventalation and keep some of the humidity in. With heat bulbs you have to have a section of screen on the cage which alows more humidity to escape and and dry out the air @Hisserdude I use a oil filled heater to keep my roach room at about 76 or 77 which means I can keep a lot of species with out heat mats, if I have species that require lower temps they go to the bottom of the rack, If they need higher temps they go to the top or close to the oil filled heater or under a few heat cables I have running.
  11. Can't wait to get her it'll be a long wait till there would be any results, and I will have lots of other breeding prodjects going on, especially next year.
  12. Delete the old messages, click on a message and go to the top and click on settings there is a delete button, that deletes the old message. If it reaches 100% you can't send any more messages
  13. Bulbs can dry out the soil, put a small heat pad on the side or bottom. If it's small enough you may not need a heat regulator, otherwise id put a reostat on the heat pad.
  14. I have the same book as well it is a good read, I'm sure you will enjoy it. It will definitely help me with my AGB's coming in a month or so and pink legs that I will get next year, it's nice to see another reptile keeper that keeps arthropods, I am currently building a large 12 to 13 monitor cage system. All cages will have misting systems and my dumerils monitor will have a fully functioning filtered pond and it will be heated as well, I'll be picking up a pair of Biak green tree monitors, and a pair of white throat monitors at the end of the month, I may post pics of the build in hear of arachnoboards. I may also get a pair of black tree monitors before the year is over.
  15. Sand stone should be fine, in my opinion don't use the jelly because only adults can climb and it takes a long time for adults to reach adult hood, plus I find it fun corralling dominos back in to there cage because they are so inquisitive. You could put them in a planted terrarium. I think they would be fine with higher light levels plus with all the leaves it will be darker on the bottom, you should try to isolate the domino morph it would take along time, where did you get them? Orange dominos and regular dominos are different species but in the same genus so I wonder if they are hybrids? I would be willing to trade your orange/white domino for a regular domino female. If I have one avalable she would be mated and start laying egg cases or I could trade for egg cases or nymphs. (The orange\white one is the female, females are larger and have a larger last segment on the underside) I'd also be willing to buy her, it would be fun working with this morph.