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    I breed cockroaches (obviously :p) I'm currently working with 20+ roach species. For reptiles I have a mali uromastyx and a juvenile dumeril's monitor both are awesome! I enjoy listening to rock and county music primarily from the early 00's

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  1. I think a proper roach Burial is in order
  2. I look forward to it I’ve heard they like to nible? But I’d like another black species besides my black tigers. I think they would make a nice display colony, do nymphs climb?
  3. Very nice, another species I want!
  4. @wizentrop I forgot you sexed them, for some reason I thought they were unsexed, thanks again
  5. Very nice. I use that common name as well. that’s the common name I’m going to sell under whether anyone likes it or not
  6. What no fair you got pairs! I got 4 nymphs from him but I’m still very happy about it.
  7. I have a 40 gallon tank that I’m going to split with a plexiglass divider, and put AGB,s in one side and Giant blue Philippine millipedes on the other side, when I get a larger set up for my buisness I’m going to get a few 40 gallon tanks and split them 2 or 3 times with dividers to hold my millipedes, expensive I know. But it would be awesome
  8. I don’t use anything for mine, I just feed them quickly and catch any escapes. I may use Teflon tape in the future you just stick it to the side of the cage, there is a product called bug off I beleave that bioquip sells that goes on wet and drys powdery I may use that to.
  9. There’s no need to modify enclosures, many people keep those species in standard cages, just use vaseline or Teflon tape to contain them, I don’t use any roach barrier because I don’t like the hassle
  10. They sell a reptile dish that vibrates for $20 to make food move, it’s mostly used for dry food. But it could work for Dubia
  11. LLL Reptile has lots of different cages avalable, I use gasket containers for hissers, I get them from target
  12. Care sounds good in my opinion, heat rocks are known to malfunction and can have hot spots, it could be possible for a roach to cook it self and slowly die. They are shunned in the Reptile hobby
  13. I agree with @Hisserdude sometimes I even keep them in a 16oz deli if I only have a few nymphs and then move them up until they get in there final enclosure. I mainly use a 15 qt tub from menards it has purple handles (which I spray paint black) I house most of my collection in them I can fit 32 on one shelving unit. It also comes in a larger size which I use some. I get my deli cups from TSK Supply (also a good idea to get heat packs from) I use the largest ones they have there that are 190oz for smaller species. If your not planning on selling or feeding them off I’d say use a larger container bacauce they may get to crowded in a smaller one. My goal is to just keep a colony large enough to sell from while keeping the container as small as I can to save on space.
  14. I added you as a friend and joined all the groups, thanks
  15. Is there any Facebook classifieds that anyone likes? I’m just on the millipede and centipede classifieds, granted I just got on Facebook and I’m still trying to figure out how to find classifieds lol. Maybe this can help other members looking for classifieds on Facebook.