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  1. I've noticed mine will hiss some but not a lot, rhino roaches and blaberus species are know for hissing as well
  2. I prefer to use enclosures that have a water tight seal around the top, then you don't have to worry about any messy Vaseline or grease
  3. Have you checked out arachnoboards? I know the main focus is on tarantulas, but they have sections that deal with true spiders, sentipedes, millipedes, and other arthropods, and regarding there captive care
  4. Very neat, almost looks like a smiley face! You should try and breed specifically for this color form, although I'm sure it would be a long time before you saw any results.
  5. Check out and click the section that says, Aluminum open screen vents - tab style, they have all different sizes and the 3 inch vents are only $1:65 a piece. I bought a box of them last year and I'm still waiting to throw them in some cages
  6. Like everyone said letting the substrate dry out a bit and adding clean up crews will help combat the problem. When I had fungus gnats in my B. Giganteus enclosure that's what I did + I added some fly sticky tape to the inside of their enclosure where the roaches couldn't get to it, and that took care of the rest of the gnats
  7. That looks awesome, It will be interesting to see if the next molt looks the same. Please keep this thread updated if anything changes.
  8. I plug my heat cable in to a rheostat, which is basically a lamp dimmer. Then I zig zag the heat cable under 1/3 or 1/2 of the tub and use masking tape to tape down the cables, although foil tape might be a better alternative.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Looks like your off to a good start
  10. Hi Maia! And welcome to the forum! if your looking for places to buy roaches you should check out bugs in syberspace cape cod roaches and roach crossing and of course the classifieds hear.
  11. Welcome to the forum that's awesome that your able to keep roaches while being blind. I've heard that when your blind your other senses really kick in
  12. I absolutely love the P. Bolivari, I really need to get in to isopods
  13. Thanks, there's two many species on my wishlist, this should be a good year of collecting!
  14. I sure will, this place is awesome!
  15. Thanks, B giganteus is a awesome species to keep! I hear that a lot of keepers have trouble breeding them, but I don't find that to be the case for me.