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  1. I know 3 possible methods , - vaseline oil 3-4 on top of box - silicone oil - idem alcool+ talcum powder....you mix the 2 , you put on top of the box and you wait that it will be dry... At this moment, only 2 ssp are able to travel these barriers: hemithyrsocera vittata (ex histrio) small nymphs and all size of anallacta methanoides. for this last sp, I try since 3 days with a barrier of olive oil.... It's perfect to stop them but it was just to make a transfer from old box to new box, I don't know how will become this oil when it will become old....
  2. sorry for that discussion, a man ask me to send cockroaches from France to US and I asked here how to make that .... It's isn't autorized in the forum because import is illegal.... So finally I canceled the deal, I hope that a day, the import-export US laws will change and will be less hard.... I think that laws are hard to protect the Biocenosis.... In france, we had problem with florida turtle as exemple..... some breeder take them on wild, they are very hungry and eat a big quantity of fish... They must be hunting.....
  3. thx hisserdude , you can erase your answer too....
  4. so, my post doesn't respect the forum conditions, i modify it, admin can erase it thx
  5. thx for confirmation, so now I'm waiting male.....
  6. last question, for p.lata , it seems that male become adult after female...in many others spp it's the female who become adult after male.. For the divisa, male become adult after the female too ? I don't remember to see an adult male on box but only 2 females adult and many subadults...so I think that they gave me unfertil ootheca.... thx
  7. me too, order from US to France is difficult......
  8. hi hisserdude, happy to read you again ... so I think that the ootheca are in the acceptable time... less than 4 months... . thx a lot for the answer... I don't remember why but I just realize that I have 2 accounts..I'll see with admin to cancel seseb1....
  9. hi hisserdude, happy to read you again ... so I think that the ootheca are in the acceptable time... less than 4 months... . thx a lot for the answer...
  10. hi, I breed 2 spp of parcoblatta... - fulvescens: they are very prolific ... - divisa: I have more than 10 ootheca since months, I begin to take me question about them....they are in the same conditions than fulvescens ...it's dead or can I have hope ? thx
  11. hi, I breed this beautifull sp and I'm looking for photo or informations about the difference male/female... The 10 first adults seems to be the same sex: male....I saw yesterday an adult more long. from over; I could see more zebra band yellow/black, perhaps female ? thx
  12. ok , thanks for your answers ...
  13. sexing, sorry, sexage is french word.. hi, I found a seller who say me that he can sexed them when they are 3 months old....Possible or not ? thanks
  14. I look at the box each day