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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I am sorry if this is the incorrect section for my question, but since it kinda has to do with molting I thought to try my luck here Anyway, two days ago a male nymph [Norbert] molted into adulthood and is still not completely colored in (he's very light brown as of right now). On several occasions I caught my currently dominant male [Ulrich], who's usually rather aggressive towards other males, sitting together with the new male and inspecting him with his antennae and mouth-thingies. Overall dominant Ulrich is peaceful towards newbie Norbert. The other males in the box are still attacked on notice, basically. Might this be because Norbert is still too "new" and thus doesn't give off male scent signals, yet? (My english is bad today, I am so sorry)
  2. Today I managed to capture a video of another of my Archimandrita males hissing when disturbed. Anyone else with hissing Archimandrita roaches?