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Found 3 results

  1. I just got my two male madagascar hissing cockroaches and Im super excited! Literally just took them out of the mail. They were a little cold so I put a slightly warm wet rag around (not touching) the cup they came in. They appear perfectly fine! Theyre currently in two makeshift homes (Tupperware container w holes in the lid and some eco earth on the bottom (misted!) with a little bit of pear on a tablespoon w 1/4 of a toilet paper tube to hide in) because the temporary home I had previously set up was too small for both of the males to be happy and not fighting. (they both have a little nip out of one antenna so i want them to relax apart for a little) they warmed up right away and started at the pears. The small of the two is very active and he was walking on my hand when I took him out of the cup, he wouldnt leave until I held out the pear. The slightly bigger one isnt as energetic and has been slowly walking around his short term home. I expected him to hiss at me when I picked him up but he didnt which Im concerned about. Even the little one did when he was on my hand. His coloring is a little bit lighter than the small onr and I was wondering if he might be ready to start molting? Is there a way to tell? I dont know if its their tiny roach personalities that are different or what but hopefully the lid for their big home comes soon so they can have more space! Im extremely happy that this community is here to help me take care of my new babies!!! Cant wait to watch them grow into big boy roaches! (they are only two months old according to the seller but the bigger one seems closer to three months) Thanks!
  2. emmett

    aquarium plants?

    since all the pet stores are having huge black friday sales i was thinking about getting some cool stuff for my roach son before he comes. does anyone have experience with their roaches living in an enclosure with fake aquarium plants? im under the impression that as long as they dont eat it that they'll be fine but i dont know if theres any other kinds of problems... im getting a male gromphadorhina portentosa (ive been told that this will be a better fit for me since i dont want any babies, although im not sure if ill get one or two males) and i think that some big leaves might be nice for him to 'play' in and hide in but if they put something on the fake plants thatd hurt him I dont want to do it.
  3. I apologize if this is posted incorrectly I was literally just approved to use this website(and roach keeping in general) I am planning on getting two female gromphadorhina portentosas and maybe a male as well. Assuming that the female(s) will be...with child...upon arrival (I've read that that's common) then what do I do? I don't want to breed. I am not ready for that yet. I also dont want them in the normal enclosure. If they do give birth I have a friend with a medium sized bearded dragon and I would give the nymphs to them as food. If the females appear to be pregnant could I move them to one of those cricket bins that they sell for live crickets at the pet store? I dont want a storage tub or anything just a temporary holding area. Like a baby room. If I see them actively giving birth would it be okay to lift them up and put them in a cricket bin? Should I get some kind of scooping utensil and take her and the bedding into the new container? Is it even safe for the nymphs to be seperated from their mother right after birth? Even if they are going to be for food I don't want them to be mistreated if that makes any sense. Depending on the possibility/functionality of this system I would get a male. Not any time soon but one day. I've been in love with Madagascar Hissing Roaches since I was a small child and I saw them at an educational insect fair and I've been doing research on having them as pets for a long time. I have many more questions but this is my biggest concern. please note that I have not purchased any hissers yet, I want everything set up and all questions answered before I do. I want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible to give these lovely creatures the best life possible.