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  2. Jeb

    P. magnifica

    Nope, as I froze the whole substrate before. I'll wait a bit, maybe I expect a more active species and they are just living their discrete life....
  3. Hisserdude

    P. magnifica

    Yeah they definitely like things on the drier side for sure, I don't know why one of the nymphs would die, your setup sounds ideal and mortality rates are supposed to be quite low... There wouldn't happen to be a high amount of large springtails or any isopod species housed with them would there? (as those can stress them out).
  4. Hisserdude

    Roaches Rule! Crickets Are A Gateway Bug!

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!
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  6. Is it worth it to separate Dubia mini nymphs to boost colony growth? Are there any other benefits to this?
  7. Jeb

    P. magnifica

    I spray water twice a day with rain water, and keep it humid in some part of the terrarium and dry in other part. They seem to prefer the dry part. In can see some of them through the glass, they stay in the substrate most of the time and don't really move. I saw some eating a bit. But yep, I don't think they are really active or anything and finding a young one dead is not a good sign
  8. All About Arthropods

    Roaches Rule! Crickets Are A Gateway Bug!

    Welcome! 🙂 Very interesting; it'd certainly be neat to get a cockroach act out there!
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  10. Hisserdude

    P. magnifica

    Hmm, how humid are you keeping them?
  11. She must have birthed half a dozen or so, the big lady went around and scooped up desert after the main course.
  12. @Beaker41 What a gorgeous girl! I'm curious... Did the nymphs survive? How many did she birth during the ordeal?
  13. Jeb

    P. magnifica

    Well... This is not a success so far. I found a young one dead yesterday. I've done a really nice terrarium with an old piece of wood, moss, barks, but they really don't move a lot. Do you think I should better put them in an opaque box ?
  14. Guest

    Cockroach live drawings

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  15. Allpet Roaches

    Little Sea Isopod by the ocean?

    No, that's even sillier.
  16. I started with one female as a pet and she was preggo. 18 months later and you can imagine how many I have. They all grew up together and I separated the males from females about 6 months ago but I noticed the some of the males are starting to fight. It was the first time I ever observed the behavior. They were fighting over apples, which I don't overly feed. I'm not sure if it was a food fight or if they were being pissy in general. I'm going to thin them out by gifting some to my friends that have larger reptiles. Since I sell them as part of my feeder/breeder business I need to find a better setup for them without taking up a ton of room. They are currently in 10 gallon tanks with aspen shavings, egg crate and wooden hides. Suggestions welcome.
  17. I grew up in Southern California where you could lift rocks and find isopods. You could also walk into the bathroom at midnight and find the cockroaches dancing on the toilet singing "We. Are. Family!" My former military life brought me to Alaska 20 years ago and my boring day job is in local government in the area of finance/risk management. Three years ago I rescued a bearded dragon, bought two more fancy morphs and then started breeding my own feeders because the little boogers were eating me out of house and home. It's difficult and expensive to get live feeders in Alaska, especially in the winter months. My reptile friends started asking if they could buy feeders from me and eventually my adult daughter and I formed Alaska Bug Dealers and we have been doing "bug deals" in parking lots since 2018. I think I missed my calling because I absolutely love playing with bugs and I'm addicted to buying new species. We currently rear dubia, orangehead, red runner, hissers, silkworms, hornworms, mealworms, superworms, springtails and just started working with 13 species of isopods. On the side I produce theatre shows specializing in burlesque, cirque and cabaret. I also dance and sing. I'm currently working on a cockroach act. Between all the glitters and critters my husband is ready to vacate the premises. Ps. It's Peter March's fault that I'm here.
  18. mantisfan101

    Little Sea Isopod by the ocean?

    I thought it was because they look like the giant deepsea isopods
  19. One of these beauties will cut your population down quick! When they're in glutton mode they can eat a couple meals a week of 2-3 adults. Heres one of mine I gave a big momma oblongata to and she went and popped out desert mid meal!
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  21. All About Arthropods

    All About Arthropods 1,000 Likes Giveaway!

    The giveaway is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated!
  22. Hisserdude

    Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

    More female pics, quite a few in the colony right now, hoping for some more litters to be born soon!
  23. Advice please. I have a small colony breeding readily. However I see lots of egg cases but no babies?
  24. Allpet Roaches

    What's the species?

    Also, I can guarantee both specimens in your photo are females.
  25. Allpet Roaches

    What's the species?

    It's a cosmopolitan species often traded as dwarf striped; genus Nagurus.
  26. Unfortunately after talking with Orin directly in PMs, it seems as though his Princisia aren't pure, (probably hybridized before he even got them). The coloration of his individuals varies and the occasional large, really dark individuals pop up, not at all characteristic of pure bred Princisia. Only vendor I know of selling pure stock in the US is Cape Cod roaches, theirs came from Roachcrossing's pure stock and has extremely consistent coloration that matches what the original pure Princisia "Big/Standard" stock looks like. We should phase out hybrid Princisia in the US in favor of pure stock, even though pure stock is far more finicky than hybrid stock, (another good way to tell if stock is pure). This is what pure Princisia adults should look like, with little to no variation among adults: All adults should have consistent, thin yellowish abdominal borders, and no thick abdominal striping. The thoracic segments have large red spots on them. This is a male from a colony started with individuals from Orin's stock, note the very atypical dark coloration, no abdominal bordering and very small red spots on the thoracic pads. The horn structure is also rather weak for Princisia.
  27. Arthroverts

    ICSC May Meeting

    Meeting tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing all who can make it. Link to meeting pending. Thanks, Arthroverts
  28. Twilightroach

    Red runners dying

    I have had a stable red runner (Turkistan roach) roach colony for a couple of years. Everything was fine. But randomly the other day the colony suddenly had massive deaths. I don't know why they are dying! There is no mold as far as I can tell. They were fine one day and then literally the next there were dozens of bodies all over. It is like they are just dying for no reason all stages of the roaches. The only thing I can think of is maybe I put a bad apple in there, other then that nothing has changed or could possibly cause this that I can think of. Has this happened to anyone ever? is it some kind of colony collapse?
  29. Indoorgardener

    Hi there from indiana

    Thanks everyone!
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