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  2. Now, this is for zebra isopods (Armadillidium maculatum), but it would also work for small, non-climbing roaches. Or for climbing species if you had a snug lid and covered the holes with mesh. It has a lid (just a cut-out piece of stiff packaging plastic), but I took that off for the pic. 1-gallon plastic bowl, holes poked with a soldering iron. There are lots of good uses for goldfish bowls! But none of them are for housing any kind of fish, albeit maybe for an hour or two as temporary holding/display. That's how the myth about goldfish being kept in bowls came about- the people who 'invented' them, bred them into goldfish, would keep them in ponds. When they had guests, they would put a couple of goldfish in a bowl on a table for display, and the fish would stay in there just for a little while, as display. Visitors from elsewhere thought that goldfish were permanently housed in those bowls, and then at some point pop culture picked it up, and the image of a goldfish in a bowl became commonplace. Unfortunately for goldfish.
  3. aoikirin

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    Awesome! I'm not creative enough to do this like you guys but I love it !
  4. Hisserdude

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    That's great, fingers crossed you get a pair or two, I mean you've got 7 now, you'd have to be quite unlucky to end up with a unisex group! 😂 Well not really a new species, rather an old one that people in the US kinda stopped breeding, still an amazing find though for sure, (and a great story as well! 😄). Adults are 45-50 mm in length, so kinda sizeable. And you can always put them in a clear ziploc baggie and turn them upside-down to sex them.
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  6. Betta132

    Feeding question

    Hissers should really have fruit, as they're a tropical species that naturally eats fallen fruit reasonably often. Dubias will pretty much breed on anything. The other two, I'm genuinely not sure.
  7. Hisserdude

    Hormetica apolinari

    Who knows, there's been three editions of "For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles! 😄
  8. Guest

    New roach colonies wanted

    Now with the 200 lobsters I ordered I am up to about 1600 with feeding off about 100-200 to my bearded dragon and also sold about 150 to a local pet store, lobsters are by far my most successful breeders as well as my orange heads
  9. Auz

    Hormetica apolinari

    hahah yeah! maybe one day FTLOC can get a second edition
  10. Bmaines96

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    Awesome glad to hear they will soon be made available! Please put me on the list as well to buy some when the colony is ready to have a few let go😃
  11. Hisserdude

    Hormetica apolinari

    Exactly! And alas, they weren't even in the hobby when FTLOC came out LOL!
  12. Auz

    Hormetica apolinari

    You and me both! Their coloring and horns are just so unique. I hope more general info/pics of them come out. I'm bummed they're not in For The Love of Cockroaches 😢 haha
  13. Hisserdude

    Hormetica apolinari

    Yeah, they are very slow breeding, and I think they take around a year to mature... Definitely one of the prettiest roaches to enter the US hobby in the past few years, really hope they become more widespread in the hobby soon...
  14. Auz

    Hormetica apolinari

    Ah, okay. I couldn't find much info on them so I wasn't sure about how long they'd take to reach maturity, breed, etc. Looking forward to them being available again
  15. Hisserdude

    Hormetica apolinari

    I believe almost everyone who got them from Gil has bred them successfully, but seeing as they are such slow breeders and growers, it'll be a while until they are readily available here.
  16. Auz

    Hormetica apolinari

    These are gorgeous! Just curious how they're doing in the hobby now that this thread is a year and a half old?
  17. Andy365

    Roach safe plants?

    The plant in the picture looks to be some kind of Aglaonema.
  18. Allpet Roaches

    Hi from Germany

    When will you travel to find your Loboptera?
  19. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    We'e got a collecting trip together, more information in the Google Group. Thanks, Arthroverts
  20. Betta132

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    Yeah, I really hope I have at least 1 pair in here. I figure all I really need is a male and female that mature at the same time and breed, and then their offspring can breed with any not involved in the pair. I mean, people get six roaches as a small starter colony, and that's what we're doing here! It's too bad I can't sex them at this point. I wish I could put a little urinal in there and count how many of em use it. That's a reliable way to sex roaches, right? Miniature urinals? How big are the adults in this species? I figure when the nymphs get to near adult size, they should hopefully be sexable. Though I don't know if I want to handle them to sex, stink defense and whatnot.
  21. Yeah, it's a beautiful species, I only know of one breeder in Asia who's ever had them though... So it might be a while until we see them in the US.
  22. Axolotl

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    I'm so excited by this! I hope you get some adult pairs, too. What a crazy backstory for a new species in the hobby. Crossing my fingers for you.😉
  23. Betta132

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    Ah, good news! I found a live one! Bad photo because he was lively, but definitely the same kind, and not one I had already. He went downstairs from where my suitcase is, the cats hassled him, and then he ran into the bathroom, so hopefully soap scum or whatnot doesn't get the better of him. This brings my total to 6 in the dedicated enclosure, and 1 in my tesselata enclosure if I can find that one. If I can just get an adult m/f pair to mature at the same time and breed, I should be set! Definitely gonna set up some traps around the house. I'm also gonna remember to check skulls that I collect really, really well for things, I forgot to do that this time. These guys, I don't mind, but I could end up bringing a centipede or something into my house if I'm not careful.
  24. Wow, they are very pretty! yeah, that makes sense. I can relate to getting a little lazy once everything's going well
  25. All About Arthropods

    Hisserless with a Topping of Mastigogone

    Bai, Bai, Bai. New Blog Post.
  26. Yes, the species Orin talks about in his book is vittata. True H.histrio look very different from H.vittata, here's an image of a true H.histrio adult: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/21047336 Basically the most sought after roaches are new additions to the hobby, ones that are very difficult to breed long term, and ones that take forever to grow and have limited litter sizes. Also the prettier or more unique the roach, the more sought after it is. Thing is, people are more likely to forget about taking care of species that seem to be doing well for them, and Ectobiids tend to do well for people when they are being treated like royalty... Once a colony is established, that's when people get more lax and slip up, and while most roaches can take a few slip ups, most Ectobiids can not...
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