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    To clarify, the latest I-M issue has a pic of a beetle trying to mate with the author's finger. I do not believe any hyrids were created.
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    It seems surprisingly rare though, taking into account usually inbred population type. Many keepers start their colonies from just several roaches, or even a single pair... And these colonies successfully thrive and grow for years, with very few aberrants.
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    My first clutch of six nymphs are all growing very well, they are all half grown already!!! Here's some pics of them:
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    It would be neat to see what a cross looked like, but attempted mating does not mean fertilization.
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    I finally have my first adults of this species. Bought nymphs from a German source about a year ago. Fed them fish flakes, fruit and occasionally some bee pollen. Kept them on a mix of soil and rotten wood flakes with a few pieces of bark to hide under. Temp +/- 22°c, medium humidity, spraying only once every week or two. Anybody else has any experience breeding these ?
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    Managed to take some better pictures, couldn't withhold these...
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    Hi, this morning i noticed one of my L. verrucosa trying to shed. Three hours later, it hasn't made any progress... I misted the container again in hopes of that helping, it is usually pretty humid in there though. Picture is attached below. Any advice is welcome 😕 image- https://imgur.com/j2Dyrbk