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    To clarify, the latest I-M issue has a pic of a beetle trying to mate with the author's finger. I do not believe any hyrids were created.
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    Yeah inbreeding roaches has almost NEVER been an actual problem, unless people don't cull off their deformities, even then some of those aren't even genetic and thus can't be passed on. Many of the species in the hobby now were originally started from only one or two wild pairs for example, including some of our oldest stocks...
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    It seems surprisingly rare though, taking into account usually inbred population type. Many keepers start their colonies from just several roaches, or even a single pair... And these colonies successfully thrive and grow for years, with very few aberrants.
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    My first clutch of six nymphs are all growing very well, they are all half grown already!!! Here's some pics of them:
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    100%! I love posting to my blog, but Instagram is so much quicker and it's so much more of an interactive experience.