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    I learned a lot from this thread. From the beginning when I started my colonies (dubia and red runners) I was going by the information I had found regarding keeping their protein percent low to avoid uric acid issues. I have always mainly fed oats, grains, and supplements like bee pollen, but have had wing nips in my Dubia colony. I may try a higher protein diet with their usual vegetable offerings and grains included and see how they react.
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    Best thread I have ever read here! CHEERS! Nick
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    It was amusing we ran a different experiment each month. I was there for a year they may still be doing that. It can be hard raising crickets on small scale because they are so finicky. It's a good thing we have have roaches to replace crickets far more forgiving. So as far as massive roach breeders it's tricky to say cause not many people advertise how big their colonys are. If you know they have a lot then customers will expect to pay less regardless of the work and cost to produce them. Many of the cricket company's now have roaches as an option and places that sell only one spieces like dubia are likely to have large operations. As far as multiple pet and feeders in large quantities Kyle at roachcrossing.com and Brett at capecodroaches.com and Peter from bugsincyberspace.com are kinda the big 3 in the pet/commercial realm.
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    Wish I knew that... Just changed mine.