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    I've got another update on her and good news (I think?) The bubble is gone completely and her abdominal opening looks like before too, nothing stuck in there (the other female had visible...residue stuck in her opening). The bubble started to shrink down after a few days. She is active and eats well! So I am optimistic!
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    I'd be inclined to suggest something like clover, something fast-growing, maybe two or three pots so you could swap the heavily nibbled ones out. Or try to find a pot the roaches won't climb.
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    It sounds to me like any plants would be eaten in a matter of days then. I had a piece of Christmas cactus in a tarantulas container and an uneaten hisser did quite the number on it.
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    Just a few leafy-looking roaches. Epilampra maya Rhabdoblatta formosana
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    Yup, and the dead bodies really stack up after a few months! Unfortunately all the clean up crews I tried housing with them besides springtails only made things worse, so you have to pull that stuff out by hand, or else they completely stop breeding...
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