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    Around this time last year I got my first isopods from Captive Isopoda. I started with 20+ mixed P. scaber "Lottery ticket", a nifty idea where you get a random assortment of non-visual isopods from experimental cultures. They may or may not come with recessives for other genes, and what you get is a mystery! If you're into isolating for morphs or want a nifty display colony, these guys are great. I started with a mix of grey, dalmatian, orange, orange dalmatian, and one calico. Early on, I ended up with my first new morph, some lovely orange pieds! They're hard to get pictures of but I think this one's decent. They're much larger now and I can still recognize my original isopods. They're doing very well and it's fun waiting to see what they'll make next. Second picture is a little blurry, but you can clearly see the difference between an orange pied and a normal orange. It's pretty neat, each one has a different amount of white that increases as they age. The pied markings are much softer looking than the crisp spots of a dalmatian. I also just realized the mass of at least four orange isopods camouflaged in the upper right hole in the cork bark, that's so neat. I ended up with tons of oranges so I'll likely isolate them sometime and see if they have any hidden recessives...I have no idea what's actually making these orange pieds, maybe it's them, so it'll be a fun project to see if it is.
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    Please, please make these available for purchase if you have extras! They're so seldom offered!
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    No no, don't use sand, might be too abrasive for them. Just coconut fiber or peat works well! Keep most of the enclosure dry, with one moist corner, and they'll thrive!
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    Whilst I didn't know Daniel, other than seeing his posts on here, it's obvious from what everyone has said that he really loved his roaches and was just getting going with a business which he had a great passion for A real shame and a very sad loss. RIP and condolences to his family.