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    Its me! Gasper! I'm so excited to be approved and here!! I've owned a roach before, and soon I will be getting three more! I'm so excited!! And I would love name recommendations!! Anyway I mostly keep Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! But eventually I would like to branch out and keep other species! I am 17 and my pronouns are they/them!
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    Hello there! I'm basically a complete newbie when it comes to invert husbandry! I'm a pet enthusiast, and own or previously have owned almost everything; dogs, rodents, birds, fish, farm animals, reptiles (well, only one so far), etc.. However I have little to no experience with bugs, but I will be changing that soon! In fact, VERY soon. I am expecting my first roaches to arrive in the mail tomorrow! They are Halloween Hissers/Elliptorhina Javanica. I'm very excited to test the waters of invert keeping, and I hope to try getting some more bugs once I get settled with my first roaches and am ready to add in something else to my collection. I'd love recommendations for other beginner bugs, roach or otherwise. I love wacky-looking and colorful ones!
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    Hissers can't interbreed with dubias, they aren't even in the same subfamily. Your dubia female must have been mated when you got her, (they can retain sperm for a long time), and conditions must have been substandard for breeding, which likely prolonged her gestation period. For example, if you were keeping them in the high 60s or low 70s, then that would increase the amount of time needed to gestate by a LOT!
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    I had a tarantula named General Bald Ass, so those names work. Bitchface was a name given to my pokie after he bit me, Karma got him though, when his mate ate him.